Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fabric does not belong in the craft supplies category....

Fabric counts towards sewing supplies, not craft supplies. Therefore it's not included in the craft supplies purchasing moratorium.


Just placed my first fabric.com order, and I'm keen to see how the service is... I've heard good things, so I'm optimistic. I needed a couple of extra things to go with the fat quarters I bought on the weekend to take my machine for a whirl. Today I did manage to get some counted cross done at lunch, and am a little over halfway done the project. People still walk by and look at me funny when I do cross stitch at work, but I find it hugely entertaining ;-) (both the funny looks and the cross stitching itself).

I also think I'm going to cast on something small to knit. I didn't find a pattern I liked to make that scarf for my brother, so I'll probably grab some of my STR and make a little sweater or some mittens to put into the future gift stash. I have a cardigan for myself that needs to be finished, but the pieces are to big and warm to work on in the heat, and it's all miles of mostly stockinette in purple. I feel like staring at lots of pretty colors for a while, instead of miles of the same thing. We'll see what I end up doing.

Random photo of the day:

This is one of the faces I get lately when I tell N. to smile ;-) Rather pirate-y and appropriate for an aquarium, non?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last day of the visit :-(

Well, Dad took off this morning at 5:45am... hoping to get half the drive done today and to visit my brother and his family tomorrow. He has the STR for my cousin (which arrived yesterday) along with some fun things for everyone... some good weather, and hopefully he'll be home on Monday.

I hate hate hate how quiet the house is. Hubby has to be in lab all day today, so it's just me and N., and it's practically screaming in silence. We had a great week, though; not a single complaint. N. now has a new wagon, and a new tricycle, and a great block set which he'll get back when he learns not to put the small ones in his mouth :-) I also realized that this is the second or third trip where there's been no arguing, tension, or anything. I must be growing up, because I much prefer it this way. I spent too much of my twenties being contrary, and don't like to think of the time that was wasted.

On an unrelated note, I also finally got a pie plate this week and made my first apple pie ever. It looked like crap but tasted wonderful :-) I'm planning another for the potluck at daycare this week.

And, since N. is now saying, "Ow-sigh! Ow-sigh!" (outside), I may have to pack it in, get him ready, and go for a walk before the rain starts. I need to keep this ankle mobile - it's still giving me hell, and I don't want any permanent problems. Happy Sunday, everyone.

Papa and N., having a break at the aquarium yesterday.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No fractures!

Well, since yesterday was a quiet day (and I was still hobbling), I decided to go to health services and see if I couldn't get checked out. Thankfully it wasn't busy, and I was assessed, X-rayed, assessed, seen by an ER doc, and diagnosed with a bad sprain. So my treatment plan was right on, they gave me some more clips for my ace bandage (since safety pins aren't the best option), and off I went.

(We're not going to mention the fact that my asthma/bronchitis is back. Nope. Not going to even bring it up.)

But, for better or worse I'm at work today, and I'm going to try and get a protein extraction done. Standing for long periods isn't really an option, but the protocol has lots of downtime.

Oh, and in totally unrelated crafting news, I'm a yarn w#0re, not that anyone would be surprised by that. My mom finally gave the STR to my cousin a couple of weeks ago... from that big order that arrived back in March. I'd gotten My Blue Heaven for Mom, Fairgrounds and Bella Coola for my cousin, and Peek-a-boo Peony, Siren Song, Rabia, and Mermaid for myself. My cousin had managed to squeak nearly three socks out of her first hank of Fairgrounds, which is why she wanted the second, and Bella Coola was just for something different. She got in touch before Dad came down and has asked for more Bella Coola :-) Since she hasn't got the internet, and the prices are more expensive in CDN$, of course I'll order for her. I stuck on a hank of MW Goody Goody for myself, and one of MW Blue Moonstone. I don't know why I'm stashing so much of this... maybe I'm hoping more people will have babies and I can just churn out more BSJs and FBSs.

I'm totally on a craft supplies purchasing moratorium. Which sucks because I also love my new sewing machine and desperately want to buy a couple of fat quarter bundles and go to town. This is while I'm trying to get a full 8x10 counted cross alphabet sampler done, work, feed my kid, and keep a handle on the laundry.

Have I mentioned I'm crazy?


But, those cultures still need to be inoculated, so off I go....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vacation updates

Ankle: very likely soft tissue damage, since no swelling overnight and no major bruise. likely plan of treatment from docs if I'd gone to the ER and come back with clear films - elevate, ice, and strap. which I'm doing. So, yay, me. Am hobbling much easier than yesterday. should be able to do work tomorrow with no ill effects.

Papa and N.: best friends. have obtained red rider tricycle and little red wagon, not to mention the most gigantic tonka truck EVER. enjoyed a small piece of chocolate cake after lunch today:

That's what's left of the *small* piece.

Now I have to try and cook dinner while N. is still napping and Hubs and Papa have run into the lab to take care of some petri plates. ;-)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

first day of dad's visit...

and I fell down three stairs and f#@ked up my !@#$!@ @#$!@#$ ankle. ice and ace bandages and elevation, because the health plan doesn't have radiology on the weekends and I can't afford to go to the ER to get films done if I have to pay up front.

Oh, Canadian health care system... I miss you so much.

(p.s. Dad has made friends with N., and they're both napping soundly at the moment after spending a great morning together. So, it's still worth all the trouble.)

(p.p.s. Dad is visiting this week because my Grammie has finally got her place in long term care and is settling in quite well. He deserves a vacation after being a full-time caregiver for months, don't you think?)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


... or, more accurately, one peekshure. from photobooth. because I can't seem to find time to do much in the evenings with my night-owl toddler refusing to sleep until at least 8:30 (last night it was well past 9pm).

April 28 2010
April 29 2010
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Colorway 258 G (most of one skein)
Purchased at: Knit New Haven (with the rubber button ;-)
Needles: Knitpicks interchangeables Size US 8

Modifications: Yarn choice, bound off in pattern. C'est tout.

It fits really well, and is toasty without being itchy. I'd make more of these if anyone requested, for sure.

And, since that's the only crappy photo I have of knitting, here:


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Originally uploaded by Dr. Ellen
Happy Mom's Day to all the moms, mom-types, people with moms and mom-types, aunts, grandmoms, etc.


(Forgive the holidayness of the photo... I haven't a decent recent one ;-) )

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This week has been bad for the post-vacation blahs here at work, even though I didn't really even take vacation... my motivation flew out the window, and this morning is no better - I have to pick up N. at lunch because daycare is closing for a staff meeting, and it's been threatening rain all day. I'm hoping for an uneventful afternoon with a good nap, since he didn't sleep too well last night. And if not, well, we'll walk around the neighborhood until the rain starts.

If he does nap, I have to pack up some stuff to send to my mother, and then hopefully do some crafty organizing and puttering. I need to photograph a few things, and I want to re-do the bindoff on the Calorimetry. I also have to thread my sewing machine and take that baby for a test drive ;-)

I also need to get organized because I think we all managed to convince Dad to come down for a visit. My grandmother has had a couple of good days settling in to her new home in long-term care, and Dad needs to readjust to life where he's not penned in to one place nearly 24 hours a day. N. is being particularly cute and particularly feisty lately, so having one more pair of eyes will be nice. Maybe I can even get a little extra sleep.

And, since there are only a few more minutes before I need to grab a bite and get the kiddo, I'm signing off. Cross your fingers that the rain stays away.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Photo Essay on Turning Two.

Taking a break from dinner (note the half-eaten slice of pumpernickel in the right hand)

The birthday cake was so good, we needed two spoons!
(And if you need a recipe for a really fabulous chocolate buttercream,
let me know - this stuff is deadly)

Wearing his hoodie, a birthday gift from Grammie's cousin, who we visited on the weekend. She's a knitter and cross-stitcher, and although I just met her really for the first time back in 2008, I feel like I've known her forever.

Eating some of Momma's birthday cake - lemon poppyseed with raspberries and coconut,
from Claire's Corner Copia. This is the best cake ever.

Outfit of choice - Striped polo, touque, diaper, and alligator shoes.
He looks like he's ready for the Beachcombers (and if you get that reference, you're my new best friend ;-) )

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back to the status quo

Mom arrived safely back last night, Hubby is off returning our rental car, and N. is playing with his trucks and watching his Thomas DVD... It's warm out, and we're going for a walk this morning, which means the routine is close to being reestablished.

I've been feeling really selfish and bitter lately, and I know I'm being unreasonable. We live 1000 miles away from the rest of the family (both sides), and they all live far away from major airports. Visits are an adventure, whether we fly or drive. This time it was 8 months since we'd set eyes on anyone in the family in person. In our day-to-day life it doesn't bother me all that much - I have the best kid in the world, the best husband, and we're fortunate to have jobs we enjoy and we make ends meet. It just sucks that a really great visit throws me out of gear. It reminds me that I don't have the luxury to pack up and drive a couple of hours to visit grandparents, or have them visit me, on average of once every month or so like everyone else I know. And it makes me so bitter that I get into this mindset that no one else appreciates what they have, just because a) I don't have it and b) they complain about their stressful lives. I can't ask my mom to come up for a weekend when I'm busy with work just to watch N. I can't drive home for my birthday, for N.'s birthday, for Canada Day. I don't have other moms I network with around here, and on days off, I have to pick up the slack.

Then I remember what I do have:
  • The best-behaved, most adorable child.
  • A spot for him in one of the best daycare centers in New England (that we actually can afford at the moment).
  • A husband who is an equal partner in everything around here.
  • A nice apartment in a safe area.
  • An increasing friendship with the girls in Hubby's lab.
  • Knit nights to look forward to.
  • An offer to babysit from one of those labmates - someone we can trust - so we can get out for a date night sometime soon (thanks, K!)
  • A safe place for my grandmother to live, where they understand Alzheimers, and have 24-hour care.
  • Hobbies that I love, and new ones to try... and enough of a stash now that I shouldn't get bored ;-)
Today I'm grateful, and humble. And I'm done complaining for a good long while!