Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So much for coming back to post...

... and I'm hoping to get out of here a bit early, so this won't be a long one either...

Crochet is happening, knitting is happening, cross-stitch is happening (albeit slowly). I've completed the body of another doily, and it's waiting for flowers. I've knit half a strip on the baby blanket of doom. I've compiled all the DMC floss that I need to start any of three projects I've got lined up.

Mom is visiting, and it's nice to have an extra pair of hands... and we've been having so much fun. Shopping and visiting relatives and just hanging out; it's been hugely busy since Friday. N.'s routine was screwed up, so we've brought him to daycare this week, but even with the screwy timing, he's having a blast with Mom. N. just loves her, has decided to call her "Nammie".... everything he does, "Nammie" has to come and see or help. I'm dreading the weekend, because he's obviously old enough and aware enough to notice her absence.

We've also got chaos at the other end of the family - Grams finally has a bed in a great facility, and will move in next week if all goes well. Dad hasn't slept in the months he's been living with her, and she declines by the week mentally. It's heartbreaking, and I hate it, but I know that having her where they're equipped to deal with Alzheimer's is the best thing for everyone's health. And I hate it.

I will get off my butt and post more photos... and post more in general... I promise (L. at the yarn store asked the other day)... I got a little bit of yarn for my birthday, and Mom is now knitting a sweater for N., so we're both getting back into it.

And now I have to go and photo my gel so I can get the heck out of here... time to get the kidlet and go home to see Nammie.

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