Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drive-by Flickr Blogging

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So. I can't be arsed to download photos over and over again to my lab computer, so we're stuck with the one-photo-per-post thing.... Sigh. I want a new, functioning laptop....

This is a shot of some of the cupcakes i made a few weeks ago for our Easter Egg Hunt at one of Hubby's labmates houses... they're a Martha Stewart recipe (gah) but are admittedly delicious.

Nothing too much new here. I've been doing a lot of thread crochet lately (should have two FOs soon to photograph and post), I tidied up a BSJ for my friend, because the damn blankie just ain't getting done in time, and I'm thinking about starting an honest-to-goodness cross-stitch project soon.

Other than that, I'm just counting down the days until my mother gets here, I'm still fighting off this cold/phlegm assault, although I think it's transitioned into allergies, and N. is continuing to kick my butt with his advancing awareness, language, and attitude. He's too cute, though, so I can't complain...

And now I have to deal with petri plates and cultures so I can do my early lunch... because I have to sell raffle tickets for the potluck daycare thing tonight - the prizes are good, so I begrudgingly bought some, but if we don't help out, the teachers get no breaks today.... and I love N's teachers.

Ta for now!

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