Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The week in which crochet rears its ugly head.

So, yes... I've been chugging along on the Shipwreck; having overestimated my progress last week, I now know that I have < 7 rounds left of the webbing, one increase round, and the bindoff; which essentially means the equivalent of 11 rounds since the increase and bindoff are double the stitches. I WILL finish within two weeks.

I got to check in with my new pal, Jean, at lunch today. She's taken one knitting class already, and actually stopped by last week to ask about what she was doing - she thought she was doing her stockinette wrong, but it turned out she was doing it right. Today she was watching me knit the lace on my Shipwreck, and got a mini-lesson on increasing, decreasing, and chart reading. She has her second class tonight, so I'm hoping she does OK. She's so cute - she gets really excited when she understands something, and seems to be really determined to learn; she's heading towards retirement, and has a new grandbaby, so I think she's got motivation ;-)

I also picked up some more crochet in the past week, for a little break, because of some very convoluted reasoning. I got a sale catalog in the mail for an online shop I've used before, and they'd a great deal of size 10 bedspread cotton on sale, which piqued my interest. I looked up some free motif patterns on mypicot.com (yay for free patterns), and decided to practice with my existing thread while waiting for my order to come in. While practicing and deciding on colors, over the course of a few days, they sold out of most of the colors I wanted, and are backordered until April. But, I managed to figure out a few things, practice a couple of squares, and get familiar with using the smaller steel hooks again. Similar to making those snowflakes, but the stitches are denser, and the motifs hold up better. I haven't a sweet clue as to what I want to make, but I'll come up with something, I'm sure. I might try and pick some up if we go shopping this weekend.

Tiiiiiime for coffeeeeeeeeee.......

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Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Isn't that the way t always is? You do the good thing and wait to make a purchase and you get shafted!