Friday, March 12, 2010

The unifying forces of the world are...

... knitting and kids.

On President's day a few weeks ago, since daycare was closed, I brought N. into work to visit and we had lunch in our usual spot in the caf. Background - We all have a very specific arrangement of tables in this particular area; a few post-docs, a few nurses, a few cafeteria ladies, and Hubby and me; we're very possessive about where we sit. There have been more than a few occasions of dirty looks because some outsider unknowingly took one of the tables and whoever gets there first takes the first free one and upsets the delicate order of nature. I'd recently been involved in this, and was desperately trying to be diplomatic, or as diplomatic as one can be with completely non-verbal communication. N., however, saved us all. I had people FLOCKING to say hi, and to meet him; the caf ladies were tickled, and there were a few postdocs who just couldn't get over the cuteness. From that day on, we've all been very friendly, and some of us talk all the time.

Until Wednesday.

A Chinese post-doc who we see all the time, and who had been very smitten with N. when I brought him in, came over to talk to me while I was working on my Shipwreck. She said in broken English, "I see you. Every day. Tik tik tik tik (while making little knitting motions). EVERY day! Very nice. And, you not OLD!" I laughed, and agreed it was nice to see people who weren't old ladies doing things like knitting. Plus, I told her that it was much more fun than the repetitive motion of using micropipettors (which won't mean anything to non-geeks). She agreed, and pointed at her thumb, which had been so strained at work that she'd needed cortisone shots just to keep doing her experiments. We bonded over knitting and our common workday, after silently eyeballing each other for several years across the caf. This morning she walked by in the hall while I was taking a sip of coffee, and her face lit up in a grin as she said "Hi!".


And since I have no progress pics to post, I'm filching one off of Flickr - this is how much yarn was left after finishing my mother's Boteh:
Squeaked that one out, didn't I?

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Bezzie said...

Wuahahahahah! I used to tell Dr. MS pipetting would be easier if he took up knitting.