Thursday, March 25, 2010

slooooooooow progress back to normal.

The child is beginning to eat again, although somewhat uncooperatively. Last night he refused pancakes (who the hell refuses pancakes?!) until he saw his Daddy eating them later on... then pancakes were a-ok. This morning, after letting him wake up for 15 minutes rather than dumping him in the chair right away, he ate cheerios with little to no complaint. Even fished every last one out with his spoon.

I'm riding out the impatience by exercising my own patience at work doing thread crochet between incubations and gel runs. I have achieved this since Monday:

We'll see how it turns out when all the motifs are done and it's blocked.

I'm still trying to decide on my next project, since I'm not feeling much like working on the things I already have going. Mom is coming down, we're going to Knit, and I'm debating some laceweight.... so we'll see.

Time to load a gel and get lunch... which is breakfast... because I missed it at proper breakfast time... because I'm a flake.

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