Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My crochet block that is not my crochet block

So, I'm linking back to because it's my new little favourite site. I've done several of these, but not in these colors of course:

(photo from

I've done them in a single thread (which happens to be variegated), and they've turned out not too bad. One of the reasons I'm having so much fun with the site is that the patterns and motifs are charted rather than written out. I spent half my lunch break the other day translating them into written instructions, and then when I came to start crocheting, stuck mainly with the chart.

I really hope we can get out to pick up some new thread on the weekend; my white is for snowflakes, and the variegated is a really sickly sweet baby print of pink, yellow, and blue ;-) I'd like something a bit more sophisticated, I think.

I've also decided to go pretty much cold turkey on the caffeine, and I'm feeling it. I still have to pour and load a gel before lunch, and I feel like I'm walking through molasses to get it done. I just hope I'll sleep better after a few days.

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