Monday, March 1, 2010


:-) Photos? We don' need no stinkin' photos.

Knitting r fun. Me like. I spent the afternoon yesterday working on C.'s log cabin baby blanket and watching the FABULOSITY that was the Canada-USA gold medal hockey game. Sidney Crosby - he's from my province. Grew up where I went to school. They call him The Next One, and I now see why ;-) Garter + hockey game = goooood.

I also made great strides on the Shipwreck this past week. I have 11 more rounds to go in the border section, and I can sometimes squeak out 2 or 3 in an hour if I'm not trying to do something else (or stopping to string more beads). I'm desperately hoping to get this done before Mom comes in April, and it's looking promising. I do need another pot to dye it in, or else another pot to replace the old one I'll be using....

Other than that, it's status quo around these parts. The foot rash N. had was an irritation and nothing more, and we're all doing well after a short bout of colds/coughs. I'm desperate for spring to arrive, and sick of this cold, wet weather.

I'm off in search of caffeine... still 2.5 more hours before I can get out of here.

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