Monday, March 15, 2010

A crappy end to a crappy day (post contains much grossment, be warned)

(we're exhausted, and now sleeping in shifts, so this post is rambly... and gross... did I mention gross?)

Well, we made it to the wake on time after almost an hour of driving; even managed to grab a craptacular supper at mc d's... it was really nice to see all the family that we hadn't seen in a long time (and meet some new ones)... headed home at a decent hour... but N. didn't take too kindly to driving home in the dark...

We don't own a car, this was a rental, and the last time we drove in the dark was nearly 8 months ago; his awareness is obviously much greater now, and he was terrified. He worked himself up so much that he (TMI follows) gagged a bit. We thought that was it, but once he was home and in bed (and sleeping!) his poor tummy, with its cargo of french fries, couldn't take it anymore and he was sick in his sleep. And didn't even wake up after - I managed to change the sheet, wipe his head and hair, and get him back down without him really waking up...

Fast forward two pairs of pjs, several crib sheets, and one set of queen sheets. We've been dealing with a sickie for hours now... and at this moment, he's blessedly snoring on the futon next to me. We've been really lucky to never have gone through the whole throw-up-at-night thing (or throwing up at all, really) before now, and my heart just breaks for the poor little guy. I don't think he's ever been so sick in his little life, except for our brief foray into the flu (and yes, I know I'm lucky). I just feel for him because after a fun night meeting new faces and reading books to his cousins, he has no idea why he feels so terrible.

This parenting thing, man, it's a trip. I spent an hour earlier tonight thinking I'd somehow failed because he was sick in his sleep and I didn't a) prevent it and b) get to it before it went everywhere. And he was so pleasant even when he was getting cleaned up the umpteenth time, just sweetly asking for "Daddy, water peese".

Hubby's cousin M. and his wife are expecting (we got to spend time with them tonight), and M. is petrified. The exhaustion, the diapers, the general new-born-ness of it all... and I'm lucky that I only have long nights once in a while nowadays... but I sometimes feel that the newbornness never really leaves. He's still my baby.

My snoring, very stinky baby.

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Bezzie said...

And he'll always be your baby---esp. when he's sick!