Monday, March 29, 2010

Sick sucks

So, I've been knocked on my ass since Friday. Fever, chills, swollen throat, pain pain pain, cough, asthma, bronchitis.... in pretty much that order.

I have all the meds I need here at home, and the boss gave me the ok to stay home today (and tomorrow if need be)... and I haven't the energy to do a damn thing. I have needles and hooks next to me, but it's pretty much all I can do to log in to update the Hubby. My tiny 13" laptop weighs a tonne.

The bright side:
N. is back to himself, and then some. He's so cheerful that I can't help but smile.
Hubs took the kiddo to daycare so I didn't have to go out in the pouring rain.
I don't have to go out in that RAIN, holy crap the rain.
My STR came in on Friday, and I got some of it wound up.... I have to find the camera cord, though.

Time for meds, and rest. I hope this doesn't last...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

slooooooooow progress back to normal.

The child is beginning to eat again, although somewhat uncooperatively. Last night he refused pancakes (who the hell refuses pancakes?!) until he saw his Daddy eating them later on... then pancakes were a-ok. This morning, after letting him wake up for 15 minutes rather than dumping him in the chair right away, he ate cheerios with little to no complaint. Even fished every last one out with his spoon.

I'm riding out the impatience by exercising my own patience at work doing thread crochet between incubations and gel runs. I have achieved this since Monday:

We'll see how it turns out when all the motifs are done and it's blocked.

I'm still trying to decide on my next project, since I'm not feeling much like working on the things I already have going. Mom is coming down, we're going to Knit, and I'm debating some laceweight.... so we'll see.

Time to load a gel and get lunch... which is breakfast... because I missed it at proper breakfast time... because I'm a flake.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A series of communications...

Dear Rain Cloud:
The magnolia outside our house is now covered in half-opened pink buds. We're good. Go away.

With thanks for your hard work this past week, now leave us alone,


Dear Child,
I know you were sick last week. You're not sick now. You can now officially begin resuming eating fruit, pasta, cheerios, bagel, and everything else good in the house that is not made of goldfish crackers. Also, they do much better on the table, rather than being thrown on the floor.



Dear Self:
Putting on Aveeno lotion before donning lab gloves does not constitute anything resembling a manicure or spa treatment. Get a life.



To Whom it May Concern (and by 'Whom' I mean you, Migraine):
I hate you with the power of a thousand suns.

Loathingly yours,


Dear BMFA:
Thank you for shipping my yarn today. I needed it.

Hugs and yarnie smooshes,


Dear Thread Crochet:
I love you.

Yours in great affection,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

On the mend

So, that was a fun night... getting a couple hours of doze on the futon with towels and bowls everywhere... and then a day home from work... which was fortunately sunny so we could go walking and get fresh air.

There's nothing more sad and tiny and pitiful than a sick child. The poor thing was so hungry at 2am after being so sick that he literally begged us for milk. Which, of course, I wasn't willing to risk; he just kept asking, "Momma, milk. Pweeese? Momma, pweese?" It was so hard.

But, after another rough day yesterday, he woke up full of piss and vinegar this morning. Was giggling by the time we got to daycare, and smiling like his usual self. So, I'm hoping we're back to normal for a while.

Me, I've taken a fiber break for a few days. It tends to happen immediately after I cast off - I don't pick up anything for four or five days. I'm still trying to find the right pattern for a scarf for my brother, and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to crochet next. I picked up some new colors of size 10 thread on the weekend, along with tonnes of baking supplies in preparation for N.'s birthday next month, so there's no lack of things to work on. I do need to take some more pictures of the Shipwreck and get that tidied up.

I was also very bad, and ordered some BMFA the other day... I gifted one of my mw skeins to a close family member. I don't remember if I've mentioned it before - she's my dad's cousin, but more like his sister, and she knits and crochets and all that good stuff. She had never done socks until this summer, though, and asked *me* for help kitchenering the toe. I felt so proud to be able to teach her - a master! - and it was so much fun. She took the skein of STR and actually made her first pair for herself, and wanted a second and third one to play around with. Plus, Mom requested one, so I decided to just go for it. I'll get reimbursed for most of it, which is good, and I can have lots more to play around with... ironically to make everything *but* socks.

*Sigh* my PCR is running, and there's nothing left to do... perhaps I'll scatter and go to the cafe for a few minutes of reading or crochet before Hubby is finished and we can ride home with N.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A crappy end to a crappy day (post contains much grossment, be warned)

(we're exhausted, and now sleeping in shifts, so this post is rambly... and gross... did I mention gross?)

Well, we made it to the wake on time after almost an hour of driving; even managed to grab a craptacular supper at mc d's... it was really nice to see all the family that we hadn't seen in a long time (and meet some new ones)... headed home at a decent hour... but N. didn't take too kindly to driving home in the dark...

We don't own a car, this was a rental, and the last time we drove in the dark was nearly 8 months ago; his awareness is obviously much greater now, and he was terrified. He worked himself up so much that he (TMI follows) gagged a bit. We thought that was it, but once he was home and in bed (and sleeping!) his poor tummy, with its cargo of french fries, couldn't take it anymore and he was sick in his sleep. And didn't even wake up after - I managed to change the sheet, wipe his head and hair, and get him back down without him really waking up...

Fast forward two pairs of pjs, several crib sheets, and one set of queen sheets. We've been dealing with a sickie for hours now... and at this moment, he's blessedly snoring on the futon next to me. We've been really lucky to never have gone through the whole throw-up-at-night thing (or throwing up at all, really) before now, and my heart just breaks for the poor little guy. I don't think he's ever been so sick in his little life, except for our brief foray into the flu (and yes, I know I'm lucky). I just feel for him because after a fun night meeting new faces and reading books to his cousins, he has no idea why he feels so terrible.

This parenting thing, man, it's a trip. I spent an hour earlier tonight thinking I'd somehow failed because he was sick in his sleep and I didn't a) prevent it and b) get to it before it went everywhere. And he was so pleasant even when he was getting cleaned up the umpteenth time, just sweetly asking for "Daddy, water peese".

Hubby's cousin M. and his wife are expecting (we got to spend time with them tonight), and M. is petrified. The exhaustion, the diapers, the general new-born-ness of it all... and I'm lucky that I only have long nights once in a while nowadays... but I sometimes feel that the newbornness never really leaves. He's still my baby.

My snoring, very stinky baby.


I'm leaving work early shortly to drive across our tiny state to a wake, so no more experiments today.... and no more crappy photobooth photos. What does that leave? Meme. (And, evidently, some weird font size issues)

20 Questions

1. Explain what ended your last relationship?

Cheated on me with my closest college friend. Best gift I could ever have gotten from either of them.

2. When was the last time you shaved?

This morning.

3. What were you doing this morning at 8 a.m.

Trying to wake up because of the damn time change.

4. What were you doing 15 minutes ago?

Finishing email for the day.

5. Some things you are excited about?

Mom's visit in a few weeks... ordering more BMFA for Mom and my cousin... figuring out what to cast on next.

6. What is your favorite flavor of JELL-O?

Raspberry or lemon.

7. Your prom night, what do you remember about it?

We all went in a huge group of couples... and stayed til the end... and did the macarena with the teachers.

8. Do you have any famous ancestors?

I have no idea.

9. Last thing received in the mail?

A card from my best friend.

10. How many different beverages have you had today?

Two - coffee and diet coke.

11. Do you ever leave messages on people’s answering machine?


12. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach?

I haven't been to a beach in years.

13. Any plans for Friday night?

Cooking date night with Hubby, hopefully.

14. Do you like what the ocean does to your hair?

Don't remember.

15. Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different popcorns?

Nope, never.

16. Do you re-use towels after you shower?

People don't?

17. Describe your keychain(s)?

Carabiner with attached university logo that has a mirror on one side.

18. Where do you keep your change?

Pockets, and on top of my dresser.

19. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people?

PhD thesis defense in 2007.

20. What kind of winter coat do you own?

One grey wool, one black wool.

A better post will follow....

... but this sucker is DONE.

Blockity block block block.

I do have make-up on,
and I still look tired as hellllll....
no thanks to photobooth...
but my neck and shoulders are fashionably toasty!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The unifying forces of the world are...

... knitting and kids.

On President's day a few weeks ago, since daycare was closed, I brought N. into work to visit and we had lunch in our usual spot in the caf. Background - We all have a very specific arrangement of tables in this particular area; a few post-docs, a few nurses, a few cafeteria ladies, and Hubby and me; we're very possessive about where we sit. There have been more than a few occasions of dirty looks because some outsider unknowingly took one of the tables and whoever gets there first takes the first free one and upsets the delicate order of nature. I'd recently been involved in this, and was desperately trying to be diplomatic, or as diplomatic as one can be with completely non-verbal communication. N., however, saved us all. I had people FLOCKING to say hi, and to meet him; the caf ladies were tickled, and there were a few postdocs who just couldn't get over the cuteness. From that day on, we've all been very friendly, and some of us talk all the time.

Until Wednesday.

A Chinese post-doc who we see all the time, and who had been very smitten with N. when I brought him in, came over to talk to me while I was working on my Shipwreck. She said in broken English, "I see you. Every day. Tik tik tik tik (while making little knitting motions). EVERY day! Very nice. And, you not OLD!" I laughed, and agreed it was nice to see people who weren't old ladies doing things like knitting. Plus, I told her that it was much more fun than the repetitive motion of using micropipettors (which won't mean anything to non-geeks). She agreed, and pointed at her thumb, which had been so strained at work that she'd needed cortisone shots just to keep doing her experiments. We bonded over knitting and our common workday, after silently eyeballing each other for several years across the caf. This morning she walked by in the hall while I was taking a sip of coffee, and her face lit up in a grin as she said "Hi!".


And since I have no progress pics to post, I'm filching one off of Flickr - this is how much yarn was left after finishing my mother's Boteh:
Squeaked that one out, didn't I?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My crochet block that is not my crochet block

So, I'm linking back to because it's my new little favourite site. I've done several of these, but not in these colors of course:

(photo from

I've done them in a single thread (which happens to be variegated), and they've turned out not too bad. One of the reasons I'm having so much fun with the site is that the patterns and motifs are charted rather than written out. I spent half my lunch break the other day translating them into written instructions, and then when I came to start crocheting, stuck mainly with the chart.

I really hope we can get out to pick up some new thread on the weekend; my white is for snowflakes, and the variegated is a really sickly sweet baby print of pink, yellow, and blue ;-) I'd like something a bit more sophisticated, I think.

I've also decided to go pretty much cold turkey on the caffeine, and I'm feeling it. I still have to pour and load a gel before lunch, and I feel like I'm walking through molasses to get it done. I just hope I'll sleep better after a few days.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The week in which crochet rears its ugly head.

So, yes... I've been chugging along on the Shipwreck; having overestimated my progress last week, I now know that I have < 7 rounds left of the webbing, one increase round, and the bindoff; which essentially means the equivalent of 11 rounds since the increase and bindoff are double the stitches. I WILL finish within two weeks.

I got to check in with my new pal, Jean, at lunch today. She's taken one knitting class already, and actually stopped by last week to ask about what she was doing - she thought she was doing her stockinette wrong, but it turned out she was doing it right. Today she was watching me knit the lace on my Shipwreck, and got a mini-lesson on increasing, decreasing, and chart reading. She has her second class tonight, so I'm hoping she does OK. She's so cute - she gets really excited when she understands something, and seems to be really determined to learn; she's heading towards retirement, and has a new grandbaby, so I think she's got motivation ;-)

I also picked up some more crochet in the past week, for a little break, because of some very convoluted reasoning. I got a sale catalog in the mail for an online shop I've used before, and they'd a great deal of size 10 bedspread cotton on sale, which piqued my interest. I looked up some free motif patterns on (yay for free patterns), and decided to practice with my existing thread while waiting for my order to come in. While practicing and deciding on colors, over the course of a few days, they sold out of most of the colors I wanted, and are backordered until April. But, I managed to figure out a few things, practice a couple of squares, and get familiar with using the smaller steel hooks again. Similar to making those snowflakes, but the stitches are denser, and the motifs hold up better. I haven't a sweet clue as to what I want to make, but I'll come up with something, I'm sure. I might try and pick some up if we go shopping this weekend.

Tiiiiiime for coffeeeeeeeeee.......

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So, yeah. No posting. I'm thinking I need to challenge myself to do a nablopomo again, because it's the only way I dedicate the time to blogging and keeping track of what I'm doing.

I'm motoring along on the Shipwreck, so much so that I just might be done inside of two weeks. I'm probably going to dip in to my extra beads, and I'm really glad I ordered them. Without going into boring detail, I managed to figure out a way to get nearly a round's worth of beads spaced such that I can burn through without stopping to push more down. I wish I'd figured it out long ago, but what can you do. I have somewhere around 8 rounds left, plus the cast-off, and I can get almost two done in a lunchhour provided I'm not too distracted.

Today, I'm not likely to be distracted at all, and it's unfortunate; Hubs has been called for jury duty, so we won't be eating together as per usual. I suppose he could've deferred, but we figured we'd get it out of the way now; if he's chosen, well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Now, I'll leave you with cute kid pic:

In his favourite reading corner at daycare...
waiting for his little guy pal to arrive,
because playing with the four little girls
who were already there was just too exhausting ;-)

ETA: Removed the duplicate pic that was in last Monday's post... because I am completely and utterly a doofus.

Monday, March 1, 2010


:-) Photos? We don' need no stinkin' photos.

Knitting r fun. Me like. I spent the afternoon yesterday working on C.'s log cabin baby blanket and watching the FABULOSITY that was the Canada-USA gold medal hockey game. Sidney Crosby - he's from my province. Grew up where I went to school. They call him The Next One, and I now see why ;-) Garter + hockey game = goooood.

I also made great strides on the Shipwreck this past week. I have 11 more rounds to go in the border section, and I can sometimes squeak out 2 or 3 in an hour if I'm not trying to do something else (or stopping to string more beads). I'm desperately hoping to get this done before Mom comes in April, and it's looking promising. I do need another pot to dye it in, or else another pot to replace the old one I'll be using....

Other than that, it's status quo around these parts. The foot rash N. had was an irritation and nothing more, and we're all doing well after a short bout of colds/coughs. I'm desperate for spring to arrive, and sick of this cold, wet weather.

I'm off in search of caffeine... still 2.5 more hours before I can get out of here.