Monday, February 22, 2010


Sorry for the radio silence, folks. I really have no excuse for it, which I actually think is fortunate. Some people around me are going through crappy stuff lately, and I am thankful that here it's just the normal business of life.

I'm sitting here at work in the conference room, on my theoretical day off, waiting for several things... the peds nurse is supposed to call me back shortly to check on a funny foot rash N. had this past week (but is thankfully clearing up), and one of my pieces of equipment broke and I have to meet with someone after lunch to talk about using theirs in the meantime...

At the house, things are good... N. is insisting on his independence - putting on his own shoes and socks (with some very subtle help; otherwise he throws a fit), pouring milk into his cereal (ditto on the help) and putting his dishes in the sink, and tissues in the trash. I like the second half of that statement; the first half causes logistical problems ;-) This morning, we also finally heard the second of two dreaded toddler words - he's been saying "No!" for a while, but when Hubby tried to take his sunglasses back this morning, N. responded with an emphatic "MINE!"... ah, the joys of parenting.


What up, yo?

Knittingwise... well. You know I haven't any recent photos. We also managed to spill coffee on the camera last week, and It's holding together now with a lick and a promise.... but here's a reminder:

I decided to pick up my Shipwreck again for a change of pace. I theoretically have three months left to finish the baby blanket for C., and it's not capturing my attention at the moment... I also bought some black fingering to go with the yarn for my Little Bro's scarf, but I can't face it right now... The Shipwreck always seems to attract attention when I take it out at lunchtime in the caf; one lady came over to ask me about it the other day, which was really nice. She and I have been eating lunch in the same general area for the past 2 years, but never spoke. Now I know her name is Jean, and she was thinking about taking a knitting class at her local high school ;-) I've been throwing this in my bag during the day, and even doing a little at home now and then, and managed to get over three rounds done, and another bunch of beads strung. I only string them 10g at a time, because I can't be arsed to shove a thousand beads down the yarn every three minutes. 200 is more my speed. I really want this to be done soon - my mother booked her ticket to come down at the end of April, and since I was working on this when she was here last year, I'm feeling the need to finish.

I should also try and get some shots of the yarn I spun a few weeks ago; I'm nearly done the first bit of brown fleece, and will move onto the cream stuff next. It's fun, but I'm not good enough at it yet to say it's relaxing. I'm determined to get better at it, but I don't think there's time yet ;-)

Sigh. I've been waiting 45' for the nurse to call back, and I can't leave to go back to my lab because I don't get good cell signal there (my windowless cavern is in the middle of nowhere). I'm just not sure I'm willing to risk someone coming in here and seeing me knit when they don't understand I'm just part-time. Oh, well. Computer work it is, then.

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