Thursday, February 4, 2010


(same shit, different day)

I'm desperately trying to get this DNA sequencing cleaned up, and it's not working. I even switched to working on Hubby's computer (in his lab) and hit the wall. I can't figure out the program I want by myself and he's off at a lab meeting (which was supposed to be good - I could use his laptop without bothering him). So I'm stuck.

I try most of the time to leave work at work on the weekends, but I might be stuck this time. I need to get this stuff finished in order to start the next set of experiments. Gak.

On the knitting front, my bitchslappers are nearly finished; 12 more rounds, then ribbing, then the thumb. After that, there will be ends to weave in, and I'll decide if I want to embellish them a little bit more. I was debating picking up some stitches and trying for some flip-tops but that would still leave the thumb open, so I'm abandoning that idea.

Mom's Boteh finally arrived at her place, and she says she loves it. She showed it to my little brother, and all he said was, "Damn. She's good." Which, of course, makes me feel hugely guilty; I'd started socks for him three or four years ago, and never got them finished. I'm still on a sock moratorium since they always seem to hurt my hands, but I haven't actually made him anything yet. I'm thinking of doing a quick scarf as my next lunchtime project, but I haven't any suitable yarn at home; all my STR either doesn't match his coat or has enough pink to be too girly. I was going to put in another order for something more appropriate, but I think I'll check out Knit to see if I can't pick up something in person. We'll see how that goes.

Ok... time to get back to work...

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Bezzie said...

Hee hee, I call it SOS different day---same old shit...

Don't feel guilty. Hubby keeps nagging me for a sweater. zzzzzzz = man sweaters!