Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nothing like...

... having your grandfatherly, kindly boss ask you a directed, pointed question about why you had an appointment at health services mid-day (because he was worried about my well-being with my asthma and allergies), and having no choice (or the mental quick-i-tude to make something up) but to admit that it was your 'yearly', in not so many words. Shudder.


'nuf said 'bout that.

I found some yarn at KNH in the perfect color to make a scarf for my little brother - cherry tree hill super sock select... pics on the laptop at home... but I think I lost my mojo. I've cast on three times, and kept ripping because I can't find a pattern that makes something wide enough but won't eat up all the yardage before making a long enough scarf (2x2 rib isn't going to work). I'm wondering about some sort of crochet thing with a tall stitch (ie not sc) as the main building block, but I'm so depressed about ripping stuff out that I'm afraid to start again.

I did manage to put flowers on my handwarmers and they're super cute. I showed little brother on the webcam, and his reaction was an immediate, "You're NOT wearing those in public." So, I consider them a success ;-)

Strange... photobooth still takes shitty photos... I had hoped it would improve... ;-)

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