Monday, February 1, 2010

Knitting weekend

What a great few days it's been (although not weather-wise; holy crap it was cold). No pics but lots going on.

On Friday I bound off my first handwarmer while on a break in one of the new hidden (and consequently very quiet) cafes connected to the hospital. As I was finishing up, the cutest little custodian came to ask me about it. He watched for a few minutes, and then said, "You know, I've never, like, SEEN anyone doing that, for real, you know?" I looked up and smiled, and he said, "Like, knitting! That is so cool." I thanked him, showed him what it was when he asked, and then kept knitting. He actually swang back around and said, "I'm totally cleaning around your table so I can watch you knit. That is neat, man." I should mention he was a young latino with a lip piercing, some rad tatts, and a blow-back hairdo that didn't fit with knitting (at least, not with the knitters I've seen around here; of course I could be wrong). He spent 5 minutes chatting, and "loving diversity" as he put it. Very cool.

Saturday was quiet and freezing outside, but I managed to get my drop stitch scarf blocked out, and ready to wear. It's so warm and smooshy, but light as a feather. I will take pics, eventually, I promise.

Then, on Sunday, I had a perfect fibery day. I walked downtown with the boys, and Hubs took N. for a bagel while I went to Knit to learn now to spin on a drop spindle - the class was my Christmas present. It was so much fun - seven of us, some total newbies, some experienced. The teacher spins the most gorgeous laceweight by spindle (holy crap), but I ended up with a few yards of heavy worsted singles that look like the wookie you pull from the shower drain, spun from natural brown border leicester. I have an equal amount of cream fleece, so I'm planning on getting a pair of baby mittens or something out of it when I get more practice. It was seriously fun, and I totally wish I had a wheel too, but that'll have to wait. Still, nice to have yet another craft skill for my arsenal.

I met up with the boys after class, and we had brunch at our favourite greek diner... N. was golden the entire time, and charmed everyone.... we headed home, put him down for a nap, and then I headed up the street to the house of one of Hub's labmates... who also happens to knit. She'd organized a bit of a knitting afternoon (which I guess she tries do do often but only succeeds about once every 3 months), and there were about six of us, all different skill levels, and we spent a very companionable afternoon knitting, eating cupcakes, and watching Shrek 2, while Hubby texted me every so often to let me know N. was napping peacefully. I got home in time for him to wake up and have an afternoon snack :-)

The laundry didn't get completed until 9pm, the dishes are still dirty in the dishwasher, but it was a lovely sort of recharging day. I think maybe if these knitting Sundays happen more often with those girls I'll host some at our place - having not many friends here up till this point means I miss them when I leave them for most of the day outside of work ;-)

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