Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Accidental NaBloPoMo?

Three days in a row... how crazy is that?

The only reason I'm posting today is that I'm ready to take this laptop and biff it out the window... if my lab had a window, that is. I'm desperately trying to get a program running on the Mac using X11, and it's running but won't read my chromat files. I can also use it on the PC platform, but then it won't save my files. The only option is to do all the work on Hubby's computer (which he needs during the day) at which point I can't use my files once they're transferred back to the Mac.

I still prefer Macs, but dammit this is pissing me off.

I'm also seriously under-caffeinated, and the rest of the stuff I need to get done today involves supreme concentration... I can't screw it up or I'll end up building subsequent experiments on the wrong DNA sequence... *sigh* there are days that I hate being a geek.

I also nearly screwed up my handwarmers at lunch; I put them down and picked up the wrong strand mid-round at one point, and almost had to rip back whilst sitting in the middle of a crowded caf. Not fun.

The only plus today - the boss is gone for the afternoon, so as long as the work gets done by the end of tomorrow, it's all good. Sometimes the flexibility of post-doc work is good for mental health; I can go drink coffee and try to concentrate on these stupid DNA sequences without being confined to my tiny little desk at the end of the lab bench.

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