Monday, February 22, 2010


Sorry for the radio silence, folks. I really have no excuse for it, which I actually think is fortunate. Some people around me are going through crappy stuff lately, and I am thankful that here it's just the normal business of life.

I'm sitting here at work in the conference room, on my theoretical day off, waiting for several things... the peds nurse is supposed to call me back shortly to check on a funny foot rash N. had this past week (but is thankfully clearing up), and one of my pieces of equipment broke and I have to meet with someone after lunch to talk about using theirs in the meantime...

At the house, things are good... N. is insisting on his independence - putting on his own shoes and socks (with some very subtle help; otherwise he throws a fit), pouring milk into his cereal (ditto on the help) and putting his dishes in the sink, and tissues in the trash. I like the second half of that statement; the first half causes logistical problems ;-) This morning, we also finally heard the second of two dreaded toddler words - he's been saying "No!" for a while, but when Hubby tried to take his sunglasses back this morning, N. responded with an emphatic "MINE!"... ah, the joys of parenting.


What up, yo?

Knittingwise... well. You know I haven't any recent photos. We also managed to spill coffee on the camera last week, and It's holding together now with a lick and a promise.... but here's a reminder:

I decided to pick up my Shipwreck again for a change of pace. I theoretically have three months left to finish the baby blanket for C., and it's not capturing my attention at the moment... I also bought some black fingering to go with the yarn for my Little Bro's scarf, but I can't face it right now... The Shipwreck always seems to attract attention when I take it out at lunchtime in the caf; one lady came over to ask me about it the other day, which was really nice. She and I have been eating lunch in the same general area for the past 2 years, but never spoke. Now I know her name is Jean, and she was thinking about taking a knitting class at her local high school ;-) I've been throwing this in my bag during the day, and even doing a little at home now and then, and managed to get over three rounds done, and another bunch of beads strung. I only string them 10g at a time, because I can't be arsed to shove a thousand beads down the yarn every three minutes. 200 is more my speed. I really want this to be done soon - my mother booked her ticket to come down at the end of April, and since I was working on this when she was here last year, I'm feeling the need to finish.

I should also try and get some shots of the yarn I spun a few weeks ago; I'm nearly done the first bit of brown fleece, and will move onto the cream stuff next. It's fun, but I'm not good enough at it yet to say it's relaxing. I'm determined to get better at it, but I don't think there's time yet ;-)

Sigh. I've been waiting 45' for the nurse to call back, and I can't leave to go back to my lab because I don't get good cell signal there (my windowless cavern is in the middle of nowhere). I'm just not sure I'm willing to risk someone coming in here and seeing me knit when they don't understand I'm just part-time. Oh, well. Computer work it is, then.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pas de mojo

I didn't bring yarn to work today. Shocking, I know. I still can't figure out what I want to do for a scarf for my brother. I love the yarn, and the color, but nothing works. I pegged a few more ideas yesterday, but I still don't want to risk having to rip out again, it's too demoralizing.

So, for lunch today, I have a nice long book to read. But, since I didn't have time for breakfast, I'll have to actually eat first ;-)

I don't like not having any knitting motivation, but I figured it was a long time coming. I've cranked out stuff fairly consistently since the holidays, and maybe I need a break. Hopefully not too long of a break.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nothing like...

... having your grandfatherly, kindly boss ask you a directed, pointed question about why you had an appointment at health services mid-day (because he was worried about my well-being with my asthma and allergies), and having no choice (or the mental quick-i-tude to make something up) but to admit that it was your 'yearly', in not so many words. Shudder.


'nuf said 'bout that.

I found some yarn at KNH in the perfect color to make a scarf for my little brother - cherry tree hill super sock select... pics on the laptop at home... but I think I lost my mojo. I've cast on three times, and kept ripping because I can't find a pattern that makes something wide enough but won't eat up all the yardage before making a long enough scarf (2x2 rib isn't going to work). I'm wondering about some sort of crochet thing with a tall stitch (ie not sc) as the main building block, but I'm so depressed about ripping stuff out that I'm afraid to start again.

I did manage to put flowers on my handwarmers and they're super cute. I showed little brother on the webcam, and his reaction was an immediate, "You're NOT wearing those in public." So, I consider them a success ;-)

Strange... photobooth still takes shitty photos... I had hoped it would improve... ;-)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


(same shit, different day)

I'm desperately trying to get this DNA sequencing cleaned up, and it's not working. I even switched to working on Hubby's computer (in his lab) and hit the wall. I can't figure out the program I want by myself and he's off at a lab meeting (which was supposed to be good - I could use his laptop without bothering him). So I'm stuck.

I try most of the time to leave work at work on the weekends, but I might be stuck this time. I need to get this stuff finished in order to start the next set of experiments. Gak.

On the knitting front, my bitchslappers are nearly finished; 12 more rounds, then ribbing, then the thumb. After that, there will be ends to weave in, and I'll decide if I want to embellish them a little bit more. I was debating picking up some stitches and trying for some flip-tops but that would still leave the thumb open, so I'm abandoning that idea.

Mom's Boteh finally arrived at her place, and she says she loves it. She showed it to my little brother, and all he said was, "Damn. She's good." Which, of course, makes me feel hugely guilty; I'd started socks for him three or four years ago, and never got them finished. I'm still on a sock moratorium since they always seem to hurt my hands, but I haven't actually made him anything yet. I'm thinking of doing a quick scarf as my next lunchtime project, but I haven't any suitable yarn at home; all my STR either doesn't match his coat or has enough pink to be too girly. I was going to put in another order for something more appropriate, but I think I'll check out Knit to see if I can't pick up something in person. We'll see how that goes.

Ok... time to get back to work...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Accidental NaBloPoMo?

Three days in a row... how crazy is that?

The only reason I'm posting today is that I'm ready to take this laptop and biff it out the window... if my lab had a window, that is. I'm desperately trying to get a program running on the Mac using X11, and it's running but won't read my chromat files. I can also use it on the PC platform, but then it won't save my files. The only option is to do all the work on Hubby's computer (which he needs during the day) at which point I can't use my files once they're transferred back to the Mac.

I still prefer Macs, but dammit this is pissing me off.

I'm also seriously under-caffeinated, and the rest of the stuff I need to get done today involves supreme concentration... I can't screw it up or I'll end up building subsequent experiments on the wrong DNA sequence... *sigh* there are days that I hate being a geek.

I also nearly screwed up my handwarmers at lunch; I put them down and picked up the wrong strand mid-round at one point, and almost had to rip back whilst sitting in the middle of a crowded caf. Not fun.

The only plus today - the boss is gone for the afternoon, so as long as the work gets done by the end of tomorrow, it's all good. Sometimes the flexibility of post-doc work is good for mental health; I can go drink coffee and try to concentrate on these stupid DNA sequences without being confined to my tiny little desk at the end of the lab bench.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


That is all.

And now back to your regularly scheduled work day afternoon.

ETA: I realized after posting this pic that it's probably the last thing you would see before Rainbow Brite bitch-slapped you back to Rainbow Land. Sweet.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Knitting weekend

What a great few days it's been (although not weather-wise; holy crap it was cold). No pics but lots going on.

On Friday I bound off my first handwarmer while on a break in one of the new hidden (and consequently very quiet) cafes connected to the hospital. As I was finishing up, the cutest little custodian came to ask me about it. He watched for a few minutes, and then said, "You know, I've never, like, SEEN anyone doing that, for real, you know?" I looked up and smiled, and he said, "Like, knitting! That is so cool." I thanked him, showed him what it was when he asked, and then kept knitting. He actually swang back around and said, "I'm totally cleaning around your table so I can watch you knit. That is neat, man." I should mention he was a young latino with a lip piercing, some rad tatts, and a blow-back hairdo that didn't fit with knitting (at least, not with the knitters I've seen around here; of course I could be wrong). He spent 5 minutes chatting, and "loving diversity" as he put it. Very cool.

Saturday was quiet and freezing outside, but I managed to get my drop stitch scarf blocked out, and ready to wear. It's so warm and smooshy, but light as a feather. I will take pics, eventually, I promise.

Then, on Sunday, I had a perfect fibery day. I walked downtown with the boys, and Hubs took N. for a bagel while I went to Knit to learn now to spin on a drop spindle - the class was my Christmas present. It was so much fun - seven of us, some total newbies, some experienced. The teacher spins the most gorgeous laceweight by spindle (holy crap), but I ended up with a few yards of heavy worsted singles that look like the wookie you pull from the shower drain, spun from natural brown border leicester. I have an equal amount of cream fleece, so I'm planning on getting a pair of baby mittens or something out of it when I get more practice. It was seriously fun, and I totally wish I had a wheel too, but that'll have to wait. Still, nice to have yet another craft skill for my arsenal.

I met up with the boys after class, and we had brunch at our favourite greek diner... N. was golden the entire time, and charmed everyone.... we headed home, put him down for a nap, and then I headed up the street to the house of one of Hub's labmates... who also happens to knit. She'd organized a bit of a knitting afternoon (which I guess she tries do do often but only succeeds about once every 3 months), and there were about six of us, all different skill levels, and we spent a very companionable afternoon knitting, eating cupcakes, and watching Shrek 2, while Hubby texted me every so often to let me know N. was napping peacefully. I got home in time for him to wake up and have an afternoon snack :-)

The laundry didn't get completed until 9pm, the dishes are still dirty in the dishwasher, but it was a lovely sort of recharging day. I think maybe if these knitting Sundays happen more often with those girls I'll host some at our place - having not many friends here up till this point means I miss them when I leave them for most of the day outside of work ;-)