Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things I learned today

1. The cafeteria is no longer serving my limited edition Golden French Toast coffee :-(
2. I'm entirely too dependent on cafeteria coffee.
3. No matter how much money I spend on medicated moisturizing lip balms to keep things comfy and avoid coldsores in the winter (yuck), the cheapest option is always the best - lip smackers. Today I have cotton candy... nom nom.
4. STR lightweight + US2 or smaller needles = severe hand cramps, spasms, and finger paralysis.
5. STR lightweight + US3 or US 4 needles = entertaining lunchtime knitting.
6. Gauge walks a fine line in these parts.
7. Photobooth takes shitty pictures:

... and, back.

I finished the drop stitch scarf, save the decision about fringe, and needed another portable project, so this will end up as Long Striped Hand Warmers from the Purl Bee. I wanted to use bright fun colors to counteract the SAD around here, and dammit I will knit from stash this year; this uses STR lightweight in The Incredible Shrinking Violet and Pride (one 2008 club color, and one from my general stash). I chose TISV as the "solid" to hopefully set off the Pride.

Pride is perfect rainbowy awesomeness, and I will be budgeting for more of it. TISV is a blend of purples, about 1/2-2/3 of which tend towards more bluey end of things. In the skein the brightest shades are almost phosphorescent, sort of like UV light shining out of a medium purple yarn, but when it sits amongst the Pride it appears much more blue. Not the effect I was expecting, but it's fun nonetheless.

It's my first foray into knitting stripes, and while I didn't bother with trying for a jogless jog (will use that as the "seam" opposite the thumb side) it's going relatively well. I'm going to *try* to get them to match up a bit, but we'll see if that works; STR does some funky spiraling sometimes. Right now the blue-green-yellow of the Pride is pooling on one side, while the orange-red-purple is on the other, but it started shifting already... I'm such a dork for variegated yarn. If they work out and I decide to make more, I think I'll choose a more semi-solid for at least one of the colors; the TISV (while a gorgeous color study) has enough hue differences in it to make it less subtle as the "solid" stripe option.

Gah, it's time to photograph my gel :-P

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Bezzie said...

Smart move on the STR. That stuff will shrink/felt too. I don't care what the label says!