Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photo-free FO

So, I finished Mom's Boteh the other day, but don't have any fresh pics to upload at the moment. It had a nice little Soak bath, and was gently blocked, and turned out very nicely.

In the end, it has 12 motifs, which actually turned out to take two full color repeats of the Noro Silk Garden Sock. The edging followed the repeat, too, which makes this probably the first ball of Noro in history with no knotted joins or color disruptions :-)

The yarn didn't really soften up all that much after its bath, which was rather disappointing. I couldn't imagine wearing it as socks, no matter how cold I was. The color, though, is really pretty, which you could see if I'd taken any damn photos....

I'm hoping to get it packed up and in the mail by the end of the week, so Mom can use it for a while this winter... it's positively spring-like here, so I've no need of new scarves.... and that's just fine with me.

Some stats:
- Noro Silk Garden Sock, one skein (minus a very small amount, photos to come soon)
- Hook Size F
- Modified to have only 12 motifs instead of 16, and slightly fewer border stitches on one side to make sure I had enough yarn (it was a squeaker)
- ~55" give-or-take, by my estimation

Super fun result, enough to possibly use Noro again to make another, but I'd probably just go with Kureyon Sock instead to get the extra yardage.

I *did* wear it today to see if I'd get a reaction ;-) N.'s teachers loved it, and also mentioned that they get compliments on their own Botehs every time they wear them. Which is nice to hear - I want them to be happy with their gifts and enjoy wearing them.

As an aside - we were walking up the main shopping stretch downtown on the weekend, and I was looking at some scarves in a window... and out of nowhere, Hubby said something like, "those are nice, but you can make stuff that's so much more beautiful than that." Total brownie points for him ;-)

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