Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Insert witty title here...

I'm still without pics, because the camera battery keeps farting out on me, and I'm thinking we have to bite the bullet and get a new camera... but that won't fit in the budget with our (soon-to-be-needed) laptop, and a new summer wardrobe for the growing boy, no matter how good the sales are... I'll see how it goes...

Nothing to report, except that we're now de-Santafied at the apartment, and it's bland, but nice. Uncluttered, even. N. didn't complain too much - there were only two mornings where he ran into the kitchen exclaiming, "ON! ON!" for me to turn the lights on, when they weren't there anymore, but he's more interested in his new puzzles (Thanks, Grammie!) and his re-purposed table and chair that we inherited from the previous tenants and kept in storage until now. We seem to be going through a bit of a knowledge jump, he's gaining new words and identifying more things (like the alphabet animals on his 'new' table).

This also means we're now squarely in the "watch your language, Momma" phase. The other day he was getting into trouble every three seconds, and I found myself repeating, "Oh, honey, be careful!". A few minutes later, I was hearing, "Oh, 'oneey! 'Oneey!" (the 'h' gets dropped a lot in this francophone household). I even think I heard "Oh, s'it!" once, but I'll assume not, and watch myself.

Craftiwise, I'm still plugging away on the scarf, and unfortunately for me I started another secret project... there was a huge sale at an online craft store, and I bought a couple of kits to make things for next Christmas... one for myself, and one for my mother. Hers is embroidery (yay!), and it'll take forever, but I think she'll really like it. Mine is a huge mess of felt, beads, sequins, floss, and craziness, and I can't wait to tackle it... six months from now.

*sigh*... my buffers are defrosted, so I should get this experiment going... last week was tough in terms of motivation, but this week is just sleepier. I need to drink more coffee, or cut it out completely. This drowsy cycling suuuuuuuucks.

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Bezzie said...

So depressing when it all finally comes down!