Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've figured out my kind of cookie.

My kind of cookie isn't fussy. No dough-rolling, no cookie cutters. Preferably one bowl, and dispensable with a little ice-cream-type scoop. I'll flatten out if necessary, put sprinkles on if they'll stick, and even throw in chocolate or peanut butter chips on occasion, but that's the end of it.

I've made three kinds of cookies so far this holiday - gingerbread cookies (rolled, sliced, baked w/colored sugar), sugar cookies (ditto) and shortbreads (scooped, sprinkled, flattened). The shortbreads are by far the simplest and the tastiest, and I hope to get a pic before they all get eaten or bagged up for gifts. It's the classic flour/cornstarch/conf. sugar/butter recipe, and forgive me, but GODDAMN they're good.

Who knew four ingredients could be so frigging delicious?

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Kaye said...

Fat, sugar and starch, what more do you need? I'm with you though, I'm not really into roll-y cookies.