Friday, December 25, 2009

Drive-by Christmas post

Or is that a sleigh-fly-by post?

Although it's the least Christmas-like Christmas we've ever had, it's also been the least stressful so far. N. is playing with a new block set that his Uncle J. sent, we're watching crappy movies on TV, and no one is out of their PJs yet.

Not many gift surprises for us - I got Hubby the DVD of the full Fawlty Towers series from the BBC (family tradition), and my gift is to attend the drop spindle class at the LYS in January... full disclosure: I reserved my spot when I was in a week or so ago, and went home to tell him, at which point he threw a fit because he had been planning on going in to sign up for me. So he gets total credit.

One thing that actually made me a bit teary was a parcel from my Godmother. She's our closest family friend, and after all these years, we always have a Christmas visit, and she always gets me the best presents. She sent me my annual PJs (last years had sheep and yarn balls on them), and the second small gift was wrapped tightly... I opened it to find a skein of Fleece Artist Angora blend yarn in a colorway called "Celtic Colors". It's named after a fall music festival that takes place every year at home, and we're also famous for our fall foliage. The yarn is made locally, and it's such a nice piece of home. It was such a beautiful, thoughtful gift... and she's gone down to her country place for the holidays without internet (and I haven't got her phone number), so I can't call her to thank her yet....

I promise more photos and updates soon, but for now I think I have some more block towers to build, and dump trucks to push around the floor...

Happy Christmas, everyone!

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Bezzie said...

Merry Christmas!!!!!