Monday, November 16, 2009

Yum, cookies

So, I have the second pan of cookies in the oven; I'm channelling my mom and baking my Christmas cookies early to put in the freezer.... I have no photos, though, because the damn battery on the camera died this morning.

While I was trying to take more photos of my snowflakes. I just can't win.

I did have my phone with me yesterday, though, and thought to snap a pic of my latte:

This is from a new cafe in our neighborhood that opened as the latest soldier in our market wars. There are two families that used to have one little market, but some scandals involving affairs and wives and other such stuff caused one to break off from the other. Now they're playing dueling coffee shops, too, but from this latte I can say that the neighborhood is winning. They've only been open a month, and they're staffed with the usual college students, but they're training these kids up well. I didn't need that splenda in my latte - it was the most wonderful, smooth, delicious authentic latte I've ever had. And they do latte art :-) The other weekend we stopped in for a cookie, and I ended up trying a shortbread baked with earl grey tea leaves, and it was fragrant, buttery goodness.

Off to check on the cookies...

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Bezzie said...

I can't drink coffee--I haven't acquired that tasted. But what kind of cookies?!