Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 4

I'm now heading into week 4 of this cold/flu/psychosomatic avoidance of the real world, and it sucks. N. is doing well, and doesn't seem to have developed the secondary cough (fingers crossed) but I still feel like crap. I hate coughing. I hate not being able to sleep. Combine that with a toddler that wanted to play, please, Momma, at 4:50AM and today is so not fun.

I've shifted my knitting focus because I'm fickle and can't remain faithful to any project in order to get it finished by a deadline. I've put aside the secret prezzie, which will be transferred from the "christmas present" pile into the "valentines/birthday/someday in the future" pile. The cascade on the bamboo needles isn't kind to my hands, so I switched back to the CPH. The knitpicks doesn't stick on the needles I'm using for the sweater, and it's at a strangely more comfortable gauge. I'm such a wuss.

I was hoping to do more baking posts, but then again, I was also hoping to do more baking this weekend. We'll see what happens later in the week with the Thanksgiving holiday...

And now I'm off in search of caffeine. Only 1.25 more hours till I can pick up my boys ♥

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Bezzie said...

Ah the baking will come. So glad its a short week!!