Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NaBloPoMo scheduling

Mondays and/or Fridays are going to present a blogging problem. If I stay home for those days it's fine, since I have access to internets and laptops and coffee and all those good things.

If I end up coming into campus those days, I usually leave my laptop at home, hence no internets. Yesterday was crazy busy, and even included parent-teacher during the afternoon (at 18 months, it's quite hilarious). Because we of course talked about how N. is an angel during the day, and they have never seen evidence of his attitude, he decided to bring it out full force from the busride home and well into the evening. So, once he was in bed, the dishes were loaded, everything cleaned and packed for the morning, I did a 30-second post and collapsed into bed.

What it comes down to is that I reserve the right to plead scheduling if I miss the occasional Monday or Friday. Tues-Thurs are easy to fit in during breaks/enzyme incubations/running gels/science geeky things.

(One of the fun things that did happen yesterday that I meant to write about was how we rode the bus home with Silent Bob from the yarn store. He has a real name, and he's anything but silent - he's also an opera singer and general all-round great vocalist, and he's so much fun to talk to. He works weekdays, and I often run into him when I go there for last minute necessities on Fridays, and now he takes our bus. We had a grand old chat about everything from knitting to language development in children this time!)

I'm hoping to get more flakes glued and sparkled tonight, because I need to put them aside and work on the secret prezzie for my goddaughter. By my best estimation, it's about 60-70% done, and I need to have time to felt it (which is a clue, I know, but what can you do).

Time for tea and more enzyme incubations.

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