Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mobile Stitch 'n' you-know-what.

Totally wasn't going to post today, but had to tell you -

I got on the bus today and sat next to one of Hubby's other lab mates, who happens to be knitting a baby blanket for an upcoming niece-in-law (and had asked me yarn and blanket size advice weeks back). She's still in the "scarf-hat-rectangular things" stage of knitting, but is very proficient and has great color sense (IMHO); we also share a sense of humour :-)

When Hubby got on the bus, he saw her knitting, so he took N. from me and I had the chance to do some bus knitting for the first time in a huge while.

But that's not the best of it.

I gave my first lesson, on cabling without a cable needle... she'd been afraid of cables, but wanted to learn, so I used my CPH to explain. I think she even understood (although will understand better if/when she tries on her own).

It was so much fun... although not as much fun as everyone else's reaction to the two knitting weirdos ;-)

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