Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flu Watch: Day 12

I hate the fact that I decided to do NaBloPoMo and promptly fell sick. Hate it. I wish I was working more on my projects, but I haven't any extra energy. Today has been particularly bad, and I think Hubby is heading into the thick of it. He's having his first round of exhaustion, I'm starting my second. Luckily so far N. is ok; just the cough left, and it's not bad (fingers crossed).

We're going to complete our Christmas prep this weekend; a last round of gift additions to buy, and get in the mail, and then it'll just be wrapping and decorating and baking. The past few years I've only done my mom's raspberry shortbreads, so I think I should branch out. I'd like to do a cake, but I'm not sure how I want to decorate it yet. So many decisions.

I haven't heard from daycare today, so I'm assuming N. is having a good day; hopefully that'll translate into a good night again. Even with the flu, he's been a champ at bedtime - he's finally aware of what it means, and is starting to like to snuggle under his blanket when I put him down.

*sigh*. I hate having such a foggy brain and disconnected thoughts. If I can survive this workweek, I'll be fine. I just keep telling myself that. ;-)

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