Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cookie FAIL, photo FAIL.

Ever hear the phrase, "Your eyes are bigger than your belly?" Well, when it comes to taking on baking and decorating projects, my ambition often falls into this category.

Last night's cookies were yet another shining failure. I'd bought a Wilton cookie pan with cavities for molded cookies, and it is adorable. Ten different Christmas cookies, with very simple designs that seemed easy to decorate. So I baked up some sugar cookies and sat down to decorate.

Then I thought, wow, it's 8pm. Maybe I'll just outline in white and fill in with poured icing tomorrow.

After working for 45 minutes, the cookies were outlined in white, my hand was transformed into a paralytic claw and everything looks like ass. No photos yet, though. I'll try and document the next step.

The good news is that the cookies tasted really good.

1 comment:

Bezzie said...

Have you ever seen those Brownbag cookie molds? I used to have one--and it worked really good. They're made of that stonewear like that Pampered Chef stuff.
I've never seen a Wilton cookie mold...I'll have to go surfing.