Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The road to hell

The holiday knitting.

In the past, I've been a sporadic holiday knitter. One year I wanted to make socks for Mom (and didn't get them finished until the following May). Last year (or maybe it was the year before) I made little decorations for my Goddaughter and her brothers for their Christmas tree. I used to work on one project at a time, two at most.

This year, I'm ramping up.

I'd still like to finish the CPH before it gets really cold, and I'm pretty much done the back panel, but I have to put it aside. I have other plans:

  1. A secret gift for my Goddaughter (Hi C.! Don't know if you're reading, but I'm not posting spoilers!), which I started on a whim and looks like it'll be pretty cool
  2. A hat for my niece, which is hopefully going to be adorable (I even found the perfect button)
  3. The Boteh for Mom that's been 60% done for two months, and I'll be damned if I screw up getting her gifts finished this time
  4. Crochet snowflake ornaments for N.'s teachers (because dammit, crochet, I will never let you scare me again... and because I found glitter at JoAnn on the weekend, and I lurves me some sparkly. Spaaaaaaarrrrrkly!)
The Goddaughter-mystery-gift is ~25% done, the niece-hat is ~75% done, the mom-scarf is ~60% done, and the snowflakes aren't started... which is ok, because I have time for the snowflakes but the rest have more pressing deadlines....

The most depressing decision of my life has been made, and we're staying here for the holidays for work/contract timing reasons (more on that later, and, waaaahhhh). In terms of projects, it means that family gifts need to be mailed home, whereas teacher gifts can be finished last. I'm trying to do portable projects at work on lunchbreak (hat, scarf), slightly larger projects at home in the evenings (mystery gift, CPH), and the complicated stuff during N.'s naptime on the weekends so I can concentrate a bit (snowflakes).

I figure I'll come to regret my decision to try and get all this done, but I will try. I wish I didn't work in a BL2 lab, otherwise I'd knit at my desk during incubations... but Health & Safety might have an issue with that, considering I can't even bring a bottle of water in here ;-)

On that rambly note, I have to start up some cultures... and get ready for tomorrow's experiments (one of which involves a lot of 15-30 minute incubation times, damn you biohazard work!). I'll try and get some pics of everything soon...

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