Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pics, not all of knitting

Knitting first, baby gate pics second (don't ask, it won't make sense unless you're Bezzie)

Pixie hat, which looks butt ugly unless it's on a head...

The button matches the orange in this yarn exactly, but you can't seem to see the orange in the photos...

N. was NOT happy being asked to model the hat; this is the best shot I could get...
but it did fit his big ass head, so that bodes well for my niece.

Specs to come tomorrow... ish...

And, these are for Bezzie:
Five panels, tied to each other on the rear-left to make a wonky pentagon;
the cords go inside the mesh at the back to get to the TV and acoutrements,
and N. can't get in the back no matter how he tries.

Radiator and closet set-up (note knitting bag on the right inside the safety of the gates)

The rope on this side starts in an eye hook, and is around the shelf for extra stability,
since when N. rattles them you can just imagine him yelling "earthquake!!!!!"

Close-up of my crappy knots, but you can see the eye-hook/loopy thing screwed into the wall.

Twine wrapped around the hinge and tied inside the closet.

So, yes, totally do-able if you can tie rope into your baby gates somehow. You can probably find those fences on Craigslist (I think they're called Superyard XT or something) - I remember the reviews being not so nice so people might be trying to offload them, but they do the job for us quite well.

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Bezzie said...

Superyard! That's the word--I tried looking for these on CL but all I kept finding was the gates. The gates do me no good!

Oh man that hat IS ugly off the head but super cute on the head! I love it!