Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Monday-Tuesday rambly rant

Today is Tuesday, but with the holiday yesterday it's more like a Monday for me, and boy is it a Monday. I'm going to rant, so you can ignore the ranty rambly bits if you want.

I've been waiting for some strains to be mailed to me so I can start the next phase of my project at work, and the company that's supposed to send them has been full of excuses. First they said they couldn't send them because of postal restrictions on sending live organisms (so bullshit because how else is science done? We send strains all the time). Then they were willing to send us more DNA from those strains, but not the strains themselves (come on - it's easier to send the strain then to take the time on their end to grow it and prep it and then send the DNA). THEN they said they'd send them. That was two weeks ago. This is a custom strain they built for us, and then they sequenced the DNA. They had sent us the sequence, and a little bit of DNA, two months ago. I think they lost the original strain they built and are scrambling to build it again, but just won't tell us. For $3000, they damn well better tell us soon.

Then, I had to deal with a daycare situation that I'm none too happy about. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE daycare, LOVE the teachers, LOVE how much my little boy grows up because of the stimulation and environment and friends he has there. But, it's to do with money and soliciting, and it's the second incident in a year. A few months ago, there was an incident with raffle tickets that was thrown on me with no info, I was told to sell them or I had to pay the $100, and it peeved me off when I'm already paying shcmashmorschmishyhundreds of dollars in tuition each month. When I refused to sign a contract saying I would pay (since I hadn't any other information, had no idea what the raffle was for, they just shoved a piece of paper and told to sign or else), there was a miscommunication with an employee who ended up telling the director we "didn't care about the emails and newsletters or the center's fundraising". It got cleared up, but it was still uncomfortable for a while. Luckily we're all friends again, I still love the center and the director, and it's all good.

Until this morning - we got a flyer that "detailed" (I use the term loosely) how an artist representing a company in Spain (Spain? seriously?) who would be at our annual parents & kids potluck and would take photos of all the kids. Then they do the whole charcoal-drawings of your beautiful babies, etc etc, and you can buy the drawings. The problem - the flyer stated "more info on the poster at your child's school", and we had to sign a form to opt OUT instead of opt IN. If I hadn't a good grasp of English, I would've missed that, and my child would've been photographed by an international company without my permission. The other problem was that there was NO info anywhere at the center. No website, no US phone number (but one in Barcelona, thank you very much), no price lists. The icing on the cake was that the director of the daycare didn't have any information either! She claimed the prices "depend on the number of faces", which is possible, but I've seen these types of artists websites for US companies, and they give the price per face. Not a difficult thing to do. She had no idea of the procedure, any other contact info, nothing.

It doesn't happen often, but it really upsets me when they let companies solicit like that. In our original contract it states clearly that if there are any people coming into the daycare to observe (it's a teaching hospital, and a university, after all), we are notified in writing ahead of time and given the chance to OPT IN. But with a company selling something, our permission is given ahead of time on our behalf and we have to opt out? How frigged up is that?

So, yeah, I'm annoyed. I opted out, but didn't give the director a piece of my mind because she's really sweet and really does have a lot to deal with. I just sit and stew instead.

I also realized I forgot to dump my camera last night, and don't have any pics of my finished pixie hat on my hard drive yet, so I can't post them. I did finish two different crocheted snowflakes on the weekend, too, and they're waiting to be glued and sparkled, but I have to remember to take photos of the before and after.

It's not all doom and gloom, though - it's sunny, N. slept in until 7:45am (after one wet-diaper wake-up at 5:00am), and while I forgot to eat breakfast, or pack lunch, I have a wad of singles in my pocket and can get something at the caf for lunch. I also have a book and some yarn in my backpack, and it's hard to be pissy with that. I brought Mom's Boteh as my only portable project, so I have to get that finished next. I was sorely tempted just to take the crochet cotton and make more snowflakes, but I would just be avoiding the Boteh, and I need to get it done.

*sigh* time to make busy until lunch. I'd really rather be doing work, I hate being at a standstill.

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