Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm think going to try to do NaBloPoMo next month, just to see if I can... I had a little bit of a stretch going, but let it go again. So, this is my challenge, to go along with the Christmas knitting/crochet I promised I'd do.

And since I have to wait for enzyme buffer to thaw, I'm going to start posting today ;-)

I've been working a little bit on the prezzie for my Goddaughter, but it's being neglected in favour of crochet snowflakes. I'm suffering hugely from KADD lately, and getting out to shop isn't helping. I started off with a MSL free pattern, which included instructions for four different snowflakes, at a fairly moderate level of difficulty (probably advanced beginner). I made three of them, one of which was such a pain in the ass to pin out and starch that I'll never do it again, and thought, "gee, these other two are easy, I'll just make more of them". Then we went out shopping on the weekend with Hubs' aunt and uncle and I went into one of the big box craft stores... to get glitter for said snowflakes... and came out with a pattern booklet called "99 snowflakes to crochet".

(In my defense, it was on super sale, and only cost somewhere around $5.)

Some of them are ridiculous, more like frilly horrible doilies, and there are four, five, six, seven, eight, ten, and twelve pointed ones; being a geek I have a moral objection to making something that's pentagonal in symmetry and calling it a snowflake. Ice crystals are hexagonal, dammit. There are a few cute ones that look like proper snowflakes, though, and some are significantly smaller than the two I was doing originally. I can make a small one in 10 minutes (rather than a large one in 3o'), and they're easier to memorise. I now have eight waiting to be starched/glued/sparkled (after having bling'd up six last night).

Here's a crappy pic of one of the original ones I did:

The apartment seems hugely bright, but the light is too diffuse to get a decent pic without a flash most of the time... I'll try on the weekend.

I still really need to finish Mom's scarf, but I'm having too much fun with the snowflakes. Maybe it's because I know I can play with glitter every few days.

I also have a bit of a ranty rant about daycare (actually, about daycare parents), but I'll leave it for another post. The buffer is defrosted, and I want to be able to take lunch ;-)

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Bezzie said...

Love the snowflakes!!!

Ha ha, KADD is the worst. HOw soon til knitalin hits the market for real?