Thursday, September 3, 2009

The last few minutes before the end of the day...

Picking up N. in 15 minutes, no experiments to rescue...

When we last saw the intrepid knitter (me) I was completely ignoring my extra-stitch-problem, and sleeping blissfully.

I got up on Sunday morning, went to church with the fam, and had a lovely lunch. Then N. went down (easily!) for his afternoon nap, and I took out the Aeolian again.

After about 15 minutes of staring, meditating, praying, cursing, and thinking, I figured out what happened. I'd missed grabbing the second stitch in a k2tog about 4 rows down, and somehow managed to pick it up without losing it. I have know idea how that happened, it should've been absorbed into the lifeline row somehow, but there it was.

(and, no, I didn't take photos, I was too stupid to take photos and too excited to get it fixed right away)

I droppped the stitch that was at the top of the column of the supposed k2tog, grabbed the loop immediately below and pulled it through both my extra stitch and my dropped stitch, making sure they were oriented properly. A little fancy crochet-hook laddering, and Voila! fixed Aeolian.

I stretched a couple of motifs out so I could make sure they looked the same, and all seemed fine. The decrease slant was in the right place, and I had the right number of stitches between all my stitch markers, finally.

I'm not sure how I managed to fix this, and I'm under no illusion that a) there will be no more mistakes or b) any possible mistakes will be this easy to fix, but I'm pretty proud of myself.

I just have to get back to working on it again ;-)

More on the rest of the vacation soon...

(I'm actually pretty desperate to get home and relax; today has been pretty crazy - I may have staved off unemployment for another few months with a contract extension [fingers crossed], Hubs had a good meeting with his boss about his latest project, and we had an appointment with oculoplastics for N. this morning about a blocked tear duct that turned out to finally resolve itself after 16 months. No surgery! Yay!)

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