Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy dance for yarny productions


I'm knackered today, and don't really have a good reason... slept fine last night, the kiddo was quiet from 9:30pm 'til 7:20am. So I'm slogging through my workday, and the boss isn't in yet, so I can post knitting pictures.

(and write impossibly blabbery sentences)

Boteh-y goodness

I couldn't be arsed to take artistic photos, because it was in the middle of the unpacking/cleaning process, but trust me, they turned out wonderfully.

I packed them in some nice little flat boxes (I got them from the bead website that sold me the beads for my Shipwreck, actually), and tied them up with coordinating ribbon. Some stamps to put the teachers' names on them, and they were ready to go.

Here, let me help you Momma.

Very nice.

Three Botehs for Three Teachers (Ravelry link)
Pattern: Boteh Scarf by Kathy Merrick (Ravelry link)
Size: o/s
Started: May 17, 2009
Finished: July 7, 2009
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in Flamingo Pie (orange), Go Go Grassy (green), and Cool Fire (pink)
Hook: US F
Gauge: I have yet to figure out gauge in crochet
Modifications: none aside from yarn sub

These are the perfect portable lunchtime project. The DiC colors work really well with the pattern, too.

I have another of these in Noro Silk Garden Sock, but it's not going as fast; I became engrossed in a novel, and that's my lunchtime distraction these past few days.

Oh. So. Tired. Need. Coffee.

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Bezzie said...

Very nice! And I like the way you packed them. I packed my etsy orders like that--I never thought to do it for gifty-stuff! Duh!