Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Des objets finis

N. is sleeping, Hubby is in the lab finishing some stuff up, and Dad is watching extreme cagefighting or some other such pugilistic art, so I got photos taken.


These things are so much fun, and the baby loves rolling them around. I'll be making him a few when we get back from vacation.

(Details to follow, I'm too lazy right now to look them up)


This is the Aeolian, post set-up chart. Luckily for me the dental floss lifeline is washed out in the crappy flash. The pad of post-its is about 4"x6", for scale.

All the stuff I wanted to pack tonight is clothing, and it's all dirty, and I am NOT going down in the basement at this hour by myself, so surprise! No packing for me. Maybe I'll knit....

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Bezzie said...

HOly crap those penguins are cute!