Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still kicking

The move is theoretically complete. I say theoretically because the complete part consists of boxes and furniture and clothing all in the new place. Nothing is really unpacked, and the old place still isn't cleaned (we have until next week). I've picked up needles/hooks once in the last 3 weeks, and not for very long. I decided to keep a portable project going that I was going to crochet the Silk Garden Sock I got for my mother into a Boteh, and it's actually very pretty. About 40% finished, too.

I need to track down my yarn in all the chaos because we have a 17+ hour drive coming up in a few weeks, and I want to make presents for my niece O. and my best friend's brand new baby boy, T., before I arrive. Amigurumi are easier to handle in the car than, say, the Shipwreck, or charts for Aeolian. Maybe I'll take an unpacking break tonight to find the Cascade 220 and wind it and pack it up for the car ride.

(I still haven't wound the BMFA silk thread. It's still gorgeous, though. GAAW-GEOUS.)

I hate unpacking worse than packing. I hate the fact that I can't just instantly find places to put everything. But, I love that I now have a dishwasher. LOVE. MY. DISHWASHER.

I need to find yarn time tonight. Yarn keeps head from hurting.

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