Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I wonder...

This marks my third post in a week (how people blog 365 is beyond me) and I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that we've finally finished the move. It's not to say there aren't other things stressing me out, but I feel strangely settled. I was talking about it with Hubby last night - we feel like we fit into this new apartment much faster than any other place. Usually, when I wake up in strange places (ha!) I'm disoriented, and the feeling lasts for at least a week. Never happened once in our new place.

Must be a sign, I guess.

I'm trying to look busy, because I really have nothing to do until my experiment comes down tomorrow morning. I might take my book and my yarn and go in search of coffee until Hubby is done for the day. It's raining out, and there's nothing more miserable than trudging down the street with the baby in dreary weather by myself to go into an empty apartment. If I wait for Hubby, we all get the bus together, N. charms everyone around him as his daddy makes faces, and we can walk home together and sit in the kitchen and start dinner together.

I'm also a bit anxious today, truth be told; Mom told me last night she's taking the cat in to be checked. He's been losing weight lately, although she says his personality isn't drastically changed. He is 13, though, and I worry. He's mellowed out in the past few years, but did have a checkup 18 months ago, and got the all clear. He hasn't had regular exams, though, since he can be a demon when people go near him (they tranq'd him through a towel, so he could get his needles, more often than not in the past few years).

He's never been a cuddly cat, but he's a fixture in the house, and he's Mom's baby. I hope he's OK.

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