Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All better now

I sent Hubby back over to drop the keys off at the old place; I couldn't bring myself to go back for fear of having another moment and turning into a blubbering idiot. So, it's done. I've made my peace with leaving, and it's a weight off my shoulders to have it done (after hanging on to two apartments for two weeks). Hubby got to go back and have his own moment, and we're good.

Bezzie's right - as post-docs, we're professional nomads for the time being. I'm trying to embrace it as much as I can, especially since I can look forward to the next move. This one was four doors down; the next one (even if it's not for a few years) will be a move back home, hopefully within a few hours drive of my family.

So, I went home Sunday night after all the emotion, hugged my boys, and put N. down for a nap. I then decided to throw myself wholeheartedly into unpacking.

Unpacking the yarn, that is.

I have a bunch of Cascade 220 that I found, wound into cakes, and put aside for our upcoming road trip - I'm hoping to get some amigurumi made in the car before encountering the many babies I have to visit. Two or three colors will make some cute things, and since they're small, they should whip up in an hour or so.

And, since I was feeling very pitiful, I was bad and wound up the Silk Thread II. I figured, I have the swift out and set up, might as well. It's so pretty. If this knits up like I think it will, I may just have to save my pennies and buy some more.

I'm still not sure what I'll take on the road with me other than the Cascade. I would LOVE to finish the Shipwreck, but it's getting big and unweildy, and I don't think I want to string more beads in the car (or at my parents' place, for that matter). Stringing beads takes up valuable vacation time, and isn't as relaxing as knitting. I also don't want to lose them in the car, or all over Mom's kitchen floor. Plus, Dad's car doesn't have A/C, and neither does their house, so anything big and wooly will just be painful. Even starting the Central Park Hoodie (which I wish I could finish before the fall, but it ain't gonna happen, no way no how) seems too warm and heavy if I manage to get any decent length on any of the pieces.

(And since I'm under a sock moratorium, that's not an option right now)

So, in the end, I just may take the Aeolian and start it. It's just one more small yarn cake (of >1100yd!), silk is light and soft in the summer, and the shawl won't grow hugely over the two weeks; it should remain manageable. Plus, the first motif is very simple (once I get past the fiddly start). I can pin the stinkin' charts on the back of the seat in the car (since it's not a rental), and work during the daylight.

Oh, I also finished all the Boteh scarves for N.'s teachers, and this morning we had Christmas in July. They blocked over the weekend, and I just couldn't wait to give them to the teachers. I only took one photo of them all blocking, and it's still on my camera, but I think they came out really nicely. They seemed to really appreciate them, and it made me feel really good. Sometimes it's nice to get a present for no reason, and I think they were tickled.

So, to distract you from the lack of yarnie photos, look here! Quick! Cute kid!

Note the fencing keeping him "childproofed" in the old place...
No such penning in for my kid in the new place.
He can roam (safely) in the new kidproof apartment!

Ain't he gorgeous? ;-)


Miss Me said...

thanks for de-lurking and leaving me a comment! and your little man is ADORABLE. good luck with planning the roadtrip yarnplay. i hate to break it to you but depending on where you're travelling to, heat may not be the issue... will it ever STOP raining?

Ellie said...

Gah. Mom said the weather is finally getting nicer right in the city, so I'm hopeful. I'm also going to *very* rural northwestern NB to visit the M-I-L, and have no idea what the weather is like up there ;-)

Bezzie said...

Such kissable cheeks!!! Hee hee!

Oh wow, now it's just spooky. Our next move (in about 3 or so years) will hopefully be home too--just downwind of the family!