Monday, June 22, 2009

Bad. Bad bad bad.

Although, maybe not as bad as it could be.

I've actually been knitting on my Shipwreck a little bit in the evenings, and it's coming along... I have something like 20 more rounds in the border lace, and then a big ol' bind off round, and it'll be done. Once it's bound off, I'll track down a big pot to dye that sucker in, and be supremely proud of myself (hopefully).

Of course, I'm planning on my next projects before my existing ones are finished, and it's always bad to do that. I still have the Central Park Hoodie in the line-up, but I really don't feel like knitting myself a huge sweater right now. I'm liking the lace, but wanting a challenge, so I'm going to do Aeolian from Knitty Spring '09.

(pardon my laziness, but I can't bring myself to make all the linky in this post, except to say that Maia inspired me to tackle Aeolian, and I hope I'm worthy).

So, I ordered myself some laceweight silk. Gah.

I'm still trying to sort through all my crap here to prepare for our move (in four weeks, dammit), and I have way too much yarn. I'm nearly finished the Boteh scarves for N.'s teachers, and I also like the crochet nearly as much as lace, so a few weeks ago I bought a bunch of Cascade 22o to do some amigurumi once we move and are settled. But this morning I proved that I can't enter my LYS anymore, since I have no willpower.

I went in to see if I could get an Addi for the Aeolian (the largest version calls for a US2 32" circ). They didn't have any US2's, but are willing to order one in for me if I decide to go that route. (Un?)fortunately they were having a volume sale, along with clearance, so I ended up with a royal blue/green/grey skein of Noro Silk Garden sock (for my mom, I swear) and another skein of 220 in a green I couldn't get last time (both of which were 20% off), and three pretty little creamy-pinky-peachy balls of Crystal Palace Musique that were $3, down from $11.50 each! No pics, though, because the lighting today is totally crappy. The whole lot ended up being an average of 50% off the original prices.

And the silk laceweight? BMFA Silk Thread 2. It looks like it'll be GAWGEOUS.

*Sigh* I so don't want to pack boxes. Or clothes. Or dishes. I think I'll just catapult everything into the moving van in one fell swoop, see what comes out the other side.

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