Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A triumph of will

Well, I've been doing a bit of knitting lately, although not as much as I'd like. Baby N. will be having his first birthday this Saturday, and I've been stockpiling party necessities. For me, that includes baking cake layers and two dozen cupcakes, and freezing them for decorating the night before. Buttercream has been made and set aside, waiting to be colored and piped, and hats and noisemakers sit next to balloons that still need air.

I didn't knit at all on Monday, and I think my sanity suffered for it. I was tired to begin with, and I threw a couple of novels in my bag along with my shawl, because I'd missed breakfast and can't actually knit and butter a bagel in the cafeteria at the same time. I ended up reading one novel and starting the second, but didn't knit a stitch. And, I went home more exhausted, more scattered, than I was all day.

I did get one and a half rounds done on the shawl at lunch today, while chatting with Hubby, but it's not capturing me this week. I think part of the reason is that I swatched for my central park hoodie and I need to swatch again; plus, I'm not sure what size to make, and I'm having a crisis over it*. But, I'll keep plugging away, because I love a challenge, and the feeling of triumph is so 'lishiss.

(I have a friend with a two year old. "How's your supper Lily?" "It's 'LISHISS!" She's the one who's delicious ;-) )

So. Yes. Triumphs. I ran into a grad student a week ago, who was knitting while waiting for the bus; I know of her, but haven't met her, so I decided to ask her about her knitting. We chatted for a few minutes, and in mentioning my shipwreck, she said, "Circular shawls are fun. That last row will be a triumph of the will."

So, I'm pushing toward that. I think, by my calculations, I'm about a third of the way through the openwork border. I'm hoping to be done by winter ;-)

In the meantime, I'll be having a birthday party for my best boy, then maybe a little lunch out for my own birthday... I don't need any more presents - last year I got a baby for my birthday, and it's really tough to top that.

*The CPH is driving me nuts, though, truly. I like a snug sweater, and although some people say it runs small, others seem to have had no trouble. I'm at the top end of one size, but I don't want to go up a size and end up with a sweater that I'm swimming in, but I also don't like the pressure of needing to lose five more pounds to fit comfortably into a piece of clothing. Gah.

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