Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So, the Shipwreck Shawl is all consuming. It helps, I suppose, that I've had a Friday and a Monday to work on it (my usual days off), but I'm surprised at how fast it's coming. I'm completely finished the center patterned sections, and am about 1/6 through the first row of netting.

It's about 7 times as big as this now ;-)

I'm under no illusions that the rest of it will go as fast, nor am I expecting it to remain portable. The initial netting row (yo, k2tog) involves moving from US4's to US8's, and it's proving to be torture. Even once I'm done that initial transfer, there's the bead issue to contend with, and I think I'll be lucky to get one row done per day. I'm thinking I might be lucky to get two done per week, actually. I just desperately hope I don't get so annoyed with this section that I give it up and let it hibernate. Although, I'm leaving the door open for anything.

Watching this project grow over just a few days, and enjoying it so much, makes me believe even more in the whole "knit what you like" philosophy. I don't do Christmas knitting very often, or even gift knitting (except for baby sweaters), because I don't like deadlines, and I don't like to knit with yarn or patterns that I don't absolutely love. I tried to do the Leyburn socks for the knit-along, but it was such a spectacular failure that I won't do that again. I like the yarn, of course (STR!), and I like the color, but the pattern wasn't fun for me, and the gauge was causing some flare-ups in my hands. I gave up, and I don't really regret it. Knitting time is precious for most of us (with the exception of those who do it for a living), and I feel it's doubly wasted when I knit on something I don't like - first, I'm not getting the enjoyment that I feel should come with knitting, and second, I knit much more slowly on things I don't like (more wastage).

I have to get over my complete hatred of frogging, though, in order to live my philosophy, since sometimes there's no way of knowing I'll hate a project until I'm knee-deep. Those Leyburns are still on the needles even though I know I'll never finish them, and I really should rip 'em out.

But not until I'm done my Shipwreck ;-)


Anna said...

I might be reading your post wrong, but I interpret it as you having problems changing needle sizes...

The best thing to do is to simply start knitting with the bigger needle, and not try to slide the stitches from one needle to the next. If you have interchangable needles, just change the right needle tip to a bigger one and then knit... If no interchangeable needles, then just hold the new needle in your right hand and start knitting.

If that was your problem, that is...

I think your Shipwreck looks wonderful!

Ellie said...

I did start knitting with the 8 in my right hand - I just found it a bit tough inserting the 8 into a stitch that was sitting on a 4... I get gauge but always feel as if I'm a tighter knitter. I pushed through it, though, and it worked just fine in the end :-) Thanks for the compliment - this is my most ambitious project to date, and I'm really loving knitting it. I see from your blog that you've cast on - I hope you have just as much fun!