Thursday, February 19, 2009

More sweaters to knit.

Well, my best friend A. decided to find out what flavour of baby she's having, and it turns out that it's pretty unequivocally a boy (yay!).

Which means that my yellowy-pinky Baby Yours (Ravelinky) sweater isn't going to cut it.

I could give her the BSJ I made out of my STR Lucy, which still isn't seamed or buttoned, but it's not speaking to me. I did ask her what she would like, out of the unisex/boy colors of orange, blue, green, and purple that I have in the Dream in Color Smooshy stash, and she was pretty clear that she wanted green.

(Although, she has no idea what kind of yarn I'm using, nor has she seen any pics, so she could be expecting any shade of green other than the one I have.)

Because she seemed to want green, I'm now re-thinking using the DiC, and contemplating using my skein of Lucky STR from last year's sock club. I've seen it used for a few baby sweaters on Ravelry, and it doesn't seem to be striping or pooling in any sort of obnoxious way. Plus, A. did mention that she likes very bright colors, and while I love the DiC Go Go Grassy, it's by no means bright. Maybe I'll take both skeins out tonight and give them a good look.

I have the sleeves and buttonband/edgings left to go on the yellow Baby Yours, so hopefully I can get it done over the next week or so. I'm desperately trying to actually take my days off, but it's a pain. I'm on contract as part-time, but I really want to push this project forward, so when I'm on campus to feed Baby N., I inevitably come into the lab for a few hours. Now that he's starting to wean, I'm hoping to actually only work part time, rather than give 15 or so unpaid hours per week. I'd gladly take the money and work full time, but since that's not an option, I have to start taking me-time.

(Gah. I'm all about the rambly posts lately.)

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