Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, I've wound both of my green choices, and tried my darndest to get decent photos.

Dream in Color Smooshy
"Go Go Grassy"

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight

And, finally, a side-by-side comparison:

In the side-by-side, you can see that there's a significant difference in weight. I think the sweater I'm knitting in the DiC is working out nicely, although the fabric is maybe not as dense as it should be.

In terms of a color comparison, you can really see how bright the STR is compared to the DiC, but I really don't think it's fair to put them side-by-side. The DiC is very sweet and soft, without being anywhere near a pastel shade, but it of course looks dull compared to the STR. They're both lovely for different reasons.

I've sent pics to A., who will hopefully be enjoying looking at this sweater on her little one for a while, and I've asked her to choose. While I bought the DiC specifically to make a sweater for this baby, I'm actually hoping she'll choose the STR. It's bright and springy, and I do really enjoy knitting with STR. The Foo Foo February sweater was one of my favourite things to do in a long time.

Although, as an aside that I may have mentioned before, I'm not liking the STR for socks lately. I think it's just that I've been knitting things other than socks for such a long time, and the tight-tight gauge is hurting my hands; it may just be socks that I'm not liking, not necessarily STR for socks. I hate to give up so easily, but I'm not likely to be finishing the Leyburns I started, at least not anytime soon. I've developed some pain in my right hand that I'm not sure has to do with knitting (it's mainly in fingers that aren't involved in the actual knitting motions). I'm desperately afraid it's heralding the onset of arthritis; my mom, who worked for the Arthritis Society for years as a therapist, couldn't tell me that it's not possible, so I'm just keeping an eye on it for the time being. I'd hate to be forced out of this craft while I'm just getting going.

But, no decisions and no knitting today. N. was sent home from daycare yesterday with a fever, and we're required to keep him home until he's 24h fever-free, so I'm home this afternoon. The problem is that it was just a small teething fever that disappeared as soon as it came on, and he's been fine since 8pm yesterday. I still have to miss work, though, which irks me; I do appreciate the policy, however, since it keeps kids home that are seriously sick and contagious. So, we're going to go for a walk while it's still sunny, rather than sit in this tiny apartment bumping around like bees in bottles.

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