Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BSJ v2.0 is about 50% done, and I'm already planning my next attack!

... but I really don't think we're going to need the BSJ yet ;-) My brother and sister-in-law went for a 3-D ultrasound the other day, and they've reconfirmed that they are indeed expecting Niece v1.0. She gave them quite a show, I guess. Which is good, because they've got a closet full of pink things, and they'd be devastated if she wasn't a she.

I've been forging ahead on the BSJ, though, in the corresponding brown and blue colorway, Lucy, that goes along with the brown and pink of Little Bunny Foo Foo. I'm really happy with how it's going this time, too.

With the first BSJ that I knit, I was a newbie to Elizabeth Zimmermann's style of pattern-writing, and I was so terrified that I'd misunderstand her directions and screw up. I was doing stitch counts on every row, reading and re-reading each and every step to make sure it came out OK. This time, though, I felt like my knitting attitude has evolved significantly. It's not that I've done a huge number of projects in between, but I definitely see a difference in myself. I can trust in the process, it seems, and let myself just knit. I think I've done stitch counts twice, and I've knit something like 55 or so rows; I'm not even surprised anymore when the numbers actually work ;-)

Now that I've said this, of course, I'll probably screw up the next time I work on it, but we'll see. I always find that knitting relaxes me, even when the patterns require attention, but I find it's even easier to lose myself in it now.

I can't be sure it'll last, though, because one of my dear friends, A., just told me she's pregnant, and she gets a special baby sweater too. I could use the BSJ, but I think it'll be a stashed gift for a more general baby; this baby gets his/her own special color. A. and her husband are hoping to be able to find out the gender (not a guarantee where she lives), and that'll influence my color choice. I was hoping to use the Goody Goody I'd wound, but she's not so much into pastels, and I have a teeny hunch that they're having a boy. I might use one of the color studies from the RSC this year, or else I'll use it as an excuse to buy something new. Special babies need very particular colors - SIL loves brown, hence the Little Bunny Foo Foo/Lucy choice, but A. likes bold colors. In any case, though, I think I'm going to attempt Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Baby Yours pattern.

This is not likely to be a relaxing knit, just by virtue of the charts and things. I can cable without a cable needle, and moss stitch is just like ribbing, but I'm not sure how quickly I can memorize the charts. But, I think I need a challenge in a small package. I bought the Central Park Hoodie pattern, but can't afford a decent yarn for it right now, so the pattern will hibernate for a while.

Gee, that's a rambling post, and not even a single picture to break it up. I plead exhaustion, and will be heading home to hopefully get N. to nap so I can put my head down.


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