Thursday, January 22, 2009


Knitting mojo? Check.
Photo mojo? Meh.
Blogging mojo? FAIL.

I finished the BSJ (mostly - not seamed or buttoned yet, but I'm waiting to take pics to show my Mom exactly how it works). I also started a new baby sweater and have joined a KAL on Ravelry because I'm a glutton for punishment.

The one thing I do have is a few pics of my new stash:

Socks that Rock, Mediumweight, from BMFA, in Rosebud

Socks that Rock, Mediumweight, from BMFA, in Star Sapphire

La piece de resistance - Dream in Color Smooshy
L-R: Cool Fire, Flamingo Pie, Butter Peeps,
Go Go Grassy, Lunar Zazzle, and Pansy Go Lightly.

I got the STR during their barn sale, along with two patterns for baby sweaters. I'm all about the baby sweaters, as long as the babies aren't coming from me. SO not ready for a second one yet.

The DiC Smooshy was something I'd wanted for a long time. I mentioned in my last post that there's another baby on the way, and nothing in my stash spoke to me. I decided to get a skein in each of the primary and secondary colors, and when we find out what gender my friend's baby is, I'll pick one. In the meantime, though, I did cast on for the Baby Yours (ravelink) sweater with Butter Peeps, because it was so yummy and I couldn't wait.

Once I cast on for the sock KAL, I'll try and get some pics. Assuming I don't quit before I get started ;-)


Bezzie said...

Oh now see I thought for sure you'd be making the Tulips Baby Sweater with that rainbow of DIC! Very pretty!

Ellie said...

You know, I thought about the Tulips sweater, because it's what first attracted me to the DiC... but I didn't buy a kit, and I figured I'd end up with a bunch of partial skeins only good for more Tulips.... I fear the repetition would bore me.

(although my husband would say that's nuts - he doesn't understand how I could possibly enjoy the utter repetition of making hundreds and thousands of little stitches)