Saturday, January 31, 2009

Allow me a moment, won't you?

I simply must go on and on about this sweater, and this yarn.

A beautiful sweater on a skanky windowsill... get some better backdrops, will ya?

Well, maybe not ON and on, but you know what I mean.

This stuff is yummy. I mean, Yumm. O. Seriously.

I've been checking it out online for a while, and there seem to be plenty of photos of a lot of their colorways to compare. Some shots are better than others, and the better ones are just gorgeous. In some lights this stuff almost glitters. I didn't fool myself into thinking that it was going to be quite that nice in person, but I was pleasantly surprised.

I picked the yellow to start with, partially because of its name ("Butter Peeps"), and partially because of its somewhat gender-neutral color. This sweater may go to a baby that's due to arrive in July, but it all depends on whether the mama decides to find out the gender, and if she tells me. I just couldn't resist the color, though.

The main base color is yellow, from what I can tell, but the color magic only begins there. It has patches of pink, peach, and some imperceptably green and purple spots that can even tend towards being a muddy light grey color. If you think about all the ingredients, you might be afraid that it'd be ugly, but it works so well. It's like the yarn is quiet and shy and is blushing from all the attention.

I'm loving the pattern, too; it's making for some great lunchtime knitting. This was the progress as of this morning:

Love. L. O. V. E. Seriously.

It's unblocked, of course, and slightly wonky, but this is the cabliest that I've ever gotten, and I have to say that I'm pretty darn proud of myself.

Although, truth be told, I shouldn't be so egotistical. I've determined that cabling is actually not that hard once you understand what's going on, and once you can go at it without fiddling with a cable needle, it's not that much slower than the check panels on the sides. I really find myself becoming a bit of a knitting missionary, and I have a feeling that this one is going to be a testimony. The mama-to-be is the same one who expressed an interest in learning how to knit, and got some Cascade 220 and needles from me for Christmas... we'll see how much these baby sweaters do to nudge her in the right direction.

(assuming, of course, that I can get the sweaters to her way before baby is born; she sure as hell won't have time to learn to knit after the birth for a loooong time!)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meme. It's what's for dinner.

How old will you turn in 2009?

Would you date someone 8 years older than you?
Have no idea

What were you doing at 4 AM?

What's your relationship with the last person you texted?
Married to him

What did you do today?
Dishes, laundry, baking

What is the last card game you played?

Will your next kiss be a mistake?

Where are your siblings?
Both back in my home province

Do you want kids?
Have one; will hopefully have more in the future (note - FUTURE. not NEAR future ;-))

Did you go out or stay in last night?
Stay in.

When is your next road trip?
Possibly late spring/early summer

Last time you saw your parents?
almost a month ago

Who was the last person to give you a ride somewhere?

What were your first thoughts this morning?
Go back to sleep, darling baby, PLEASE.

Are you a jealous person?
Not really

Do you know anyone who has messed up your life?
Hm. I'd have to say yes, but I managed to fix it rather quickly ;-)

What side of a heart do you draw first?

What is bothering you right now?

Are you good at hiding your feelings?

Is there any meaning behind your profile songs?
Do I have profile songs?

Do you believe what comes around goes around?

Do you trust people easily?
Not since I got burned a bunch of times.

One thing you're looking forward to?

Is it harder to be rejected or to reject someone else?
To be rejected

What was the last thing you drank?
Diet Sprite

Are most of the friends in your life new or old?
Most of them have been around a very very long time

Would you ever parachute off a plane?
No way

Is your birthday on a holiday?

Do you want to hit something?
Not right now

Were you happy when you woke up this morning?
Yes, because N. woke up happy

What are you seriously wearing?
pink shirt, gym shorts

Do you currently have a hickey?
Heck, no

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

Is there anything that you are craving for right now?

Do you drink tea?
Not very often

Is anyone on your bad side right now?
Not really

Do you clean when you’re upset?

What are you listening to?

Any plans for tomorrow?
Work for a 1/2 day, then lots of knitting

Who were your last 3 texts from?
All from Hubby

Have you bought any clothing items in the past week?

Has anyone ever asked you if you were retarded?

How tall are you?

Do you wish you could be a kid again?

Do you lick your plate when you're finished eating?
Depends on what it is ;-)

Do you get mad if you lose?
Sometimes, but mostly at myself

When you say you don't care, do you mean it?

Where were you at 3:02 AM this morning?

What woke you up this morning?
The baby ;-)

When you are home alone, do you still close the door when you shower?
I haven't been home alone in almost a year...

What time did you wake up this morning?

What don’t you leave the house without?
Cell phone

Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke?

Have you recently done anything that you wouldn't want your parents to find out?

What happened at 9 AM today?
Baby N. had his cereal

How would you feel if your last ex fell in love with someone else?
At the time, I was upset, but now I'm grateful.

Does your phone normally ring in the middle of the night?
Not usually; when it does, it's always a wrong number

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

How many hours did you sleep last night?

Ever slept in a bed with the same sex?

Are you mad at someone?

Who do you live with?
Hubby and N.

Do you find the opposite sex confusing?
Not really

Do you trust all of your friends?

Has anyone upset you in the last week?

Do you always answer your phone?
No. If it's the MIL, I hand the phone to Hubby.

Will you be in bed within twenty minutes?

Could you ever forgive a cheater?
I don't think so; I haven't been able to thus far

Does the future scare you?

Good day?

Do you mind being cold?
Not really

Are you afraid of falling in love?

Have you held hands with anyone in the past week?

Do you know anyone that smokes pot?
Used to, but thank heaven she's out of my life, for lots of reasons

Would your best friend forgive you for sleeping with their boyfriend/girlfriend?
Would never happen

Who was the last person you took a picture with?
Baby N.

Do you know anyone who's pregnant?
Yes, Dear friend A. and SIL R.

Is banana bread better with or without chocolate chips?

Cheeseburger or Patty Melt?
Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Pepsi

What's worse; dry skin or chapped lips?
Dry skin

If you go to school, what color of notebook do you use?
Lab notebooks at work, endlessly

What color of lights do you put on your Christmas tree?

Speaking of that... Do you like Katy Perry's song, 'Hot 'N Cold'?
Yes, but not her first single

What's usually colder, your hands or your feet?

Does your school focus way too much on sports?
My high school did, to the point where the academically inclined kids had to take it up with the stupid jock vice principal.

What color was the CD you last burnt?

What brings out the worst in you?

Think back to a year ago: In what ways have you changed?
I'm a mother now, and I've learned to put myself last and I enjoy every minute of it ;-)

Doesn't it drive you nuts when people think they 'need' to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Sometimes, but everyone's different and I try not to judge.

Do you know anyone that thinks that?

Where did you buy the bra you're currently wearing?
Ummmm... what bra?

How long did you wait before going out with someone after you broke up with your last boyfriend?
I think I waited 18 months between last boyfriend and Hubby.... he was worth the wait.

What's your favourite song by 'Paramore'?

Do you 'Picnik' your pictures?

What's better: Grilled cheese or grilled ham and cheese?
Grilled ham and cheese

Would you rather go to Canada or Mexico on vacation?
Right now, I'd love to go to Canada.

If you ride the bus, where do you usually sit?
Front seat

What song is currently stuck in your head?

Have you ever been naked on webcam?
Hell no

If you have a garage, how many cars fit in it?
No garage, no car


Ok... so I did cast on, and here it is:

I remembered why I switched from socks - the tight gauge and metal needles hurt, dammit ;-)

ETA: These are the Leyburn Socks for the KAL I mentioned.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Knitting mojo? Check.
Photo mojo? Meh.
Blogging mojo? FAIL.

I finished the BSJ (mostly - not seamed or buttoned yet, but I'm waiting to take pics to show my Mom exactly how it works). I also started a new baby sweater and have joined a KAL on Ravelry because I'm a glutton for punishment.

The one thing I do have is a few pics of my new stash:

Socks that Rock, Mediumweight, from BMFA, in Rosebud

Socks that Rock, Mediumweight, from BMFA, in Star Sapphire

La piece de resistance - Dream in Color Smooshy
L-R: Cool Fire, Flamingo Pie, Butter Peeps,
Go Go Grassy, Lunar Zazzle, and Pansy Go Lightly.

I got the STR during their barn sale, along with two patterns for baby sweaters. I'm all about the baby sweaters, as long as the babies aren't coming from me. SO not ready for a second one yet.

The DiC Smooshy was something I'd wanted for a long time. I mentioned in my last post that there's another baby on the way, and nothing in my stash spoke to me. I decided to get a skein in each of the primary and secondary colors, and when we find out what gender my friend's baby is, I'll pick one. In the meantime, though, I did cast on for the Baby Yours (ravelink) sweater with Butter Peeps, because it was so yummy and I couldn't wait.

Once I cast on for the sock KAL, I'll try and get some pics. Assuming I don't quit before I get started ;-)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BSJ v2.0 is about 50% done, and I'm already planning my next attack!

... but I really don't think we're going to need the BSJ yet ;-) My brother and sister-in-law went for a 3-D ultrasound the other day, and they've reconfirmed that they are indeed expecting Niece v1.0. She gave them quite a show, I guess. Which is good, because they've got a closet full of pink things, and they'd be devastated if she wasn't a she.

I've been forging ahead on the BSJ, though, in the corresponding brown and blue colorway, Lucy, that goes along with the brown and pink of Little Bunny Foo Foo. I'm really happy with how it's going this time, too.

With the first BSJ that I knit, I was a newbie to Elizabeth Zimmermann's style of pattern-writing, and I was so terrified that I'd misunderstand her directions and screw up. I was doing stitch counts on every row, reading and re-reading each and every step to make sure it came out OK. This time, though, I felt like my knitting attitude has evolved significantly. It's not that I've done a huge number of projects in between, but I definitely see a difference in myself. I can trust in the process, it seems, and let myself just knit. I think I've done stitch counts twice, and I've knit something like 55 or so rows; I'm not even surprised anymore when the numbers actually work ;-)

Now that I've said this, of course, I'll probably screw up the next time I work on it, but we'll see. I always find that knitting relaxes me, even when the patterns require attention, but I find it's even easier to lose myself in it now.

I can't be sure it'll last, though, because one of my dear friends, A., just told me she's pregnant, and she gets a special baby sweater too. I could use the BSJ, but I think it'll be a stashed gift for a more general baby; this baby gets his/her own special color. A. and her husband are hoping to be able to find out the gender (not a guarantee where she lives), and that'll influence my color choice. I was hoping to use the Goody Goody I'd wound, but she's not so much into pastels, and I have a teeny hunch that they're having a boy. I might use one of the color studies from the RSC this year, or else I'll use it as an excuse to buy something new. Special babies need very particular colors - SIL loves brown, hence the Little Bunny Foo Foo/Lucy choice, but A. likes bold colors. In any case, though, I think I'm going to attempt Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Baby Yours pattern.

This is not likely to be a relaxing knit, just by virtue of the charts and things. I can cable without a cable needle, and moss stitch is just like ribbing, but I'm not sure how quickly I can memorize the charts. But, I think I need a challenge in a small package. I bought the Central Park Hoodie pattern, but can't afford a decent yarn for it right now, so the pattern will hibernate for a while.

Gee, that's a rambling post, and not even a single picture to break it up. I plead exhaustion, and will be heading home to hopefully get N. to nap so I can put my head down.