Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Just because I can ;-)

If the last person you kissed said that you were the only one they wanted, what would you say?
"Legally, you're stuck with me anyway, so good on you."

Do you believe that any of your ex's still think about you?
I think so

Who person do you trust most?

Do you think you're wasting your time on the person you like?

Can you fill this out without lying?
We'll see...

What are you doing now?
Waiting for water to boil

When is your birthday?

Who was the last person you took a picture with?
Baby N.

What are you listening to?
Simon & Garfunkel

Is anything bothering you right now?
Pinkeye, the rain, and the fact that I'm leaving for vacay tomorrow and haven't packed a thing.

What plans do you have for tonight?
Packing for said vacay.

Where was the last place you fell asleep other than your own bed?
The car.

What is more important, happiness or trust?

What's the very first thing you do when you wake up?
Hit snooze

Most memorable thing that's happened to you this summer?
Watched my baby become aware of the world.

Who's the last person that told you they loved you?

When's the last time you had a headache?
A week ago

What are you hoping to get this Christmas?
Some sleep, and a date with Hubby.

Do you ever think about stuff and start crying?
Not very often.

Do you ever think "what if" about anything?

Are you happy with the way things are going?
More or less.

Do you hate people who smoke around you?
How about "strongly dislike"??

Who's bed did you sleep in last night?

Last person on your bed besides you?
Baby N.

Last time you had a sleepover?

Dark hair or light hair in the opposite sex?

Who is your favorite person to talk to when you're blue?

What woke you up this morning?
Cell phone.

Have you ever been awake for more then 2 nights straight?

Where did you go in a car last?
Factory outlet shopping!

How many people have you kissed that name starts with the letter "J"?
Do brothers count?

Have any memories that you'd like to forget?

Is your handwriting large, tiny, or pretty normal?

Are you there for your friends?

Did you date anyone this summer?
I spent every day with the new love of my life ;-)

Ever kiss a red head?

Do you think the last person you kissed cares for you?

Do/have you ever liked someone older than you?
Sure have.

Is there one thing/anyone that is on your brain constantly?
Moving back home.

What do you think about people that are home schooled?
Nothing. I wonder about their parents.

Do you believe that it is best to have a good friendship first then love?
Depends on the situation.

Do you think you can love someone without trusting them?
Yes, but always from a distance.

Is there someone who you can spend every minute with and be happy?
Yes, several someones.

Does anybody hate you?
I'd guess yes.

Do you hate anybody?
Unfortunately, yes.

What is something that you're looking forward to?
Vacation, seeing an actual movie in an actual movie theater.

Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
Driving the first leg of the trip home.

Have you eaten popcorn in the last 48 hours?

Do you have an older brother?

What will you do after this?
Go feed N. his lunch.

Have you ever walked in on people having sex?

Do you want to see somebody right now?
Yes, because I work in the lab alone all day.

What were you doing at 4 am?
Dealing with ketosis.

Is there any emotion you're trying to avoid right now?
Extreme hyperactivity about going on vacation.

Are you a forgiving person?

Last thing you drank?
Really bad coffee.


1. What is the name most people call you?

2. What would you consider your defining feature?
I have no idea.

3. You kiss: boys or girls?
Hubby :-) and he's a boy!

4. What do you wish your living situation was:
Back in my home province.

5. If got to choose your birthday, what day would it be?
On a weekend. Every year.


1. Time you did something you hated for money:
Stayed in grad school.

2. Time you defied a gender stereotype:
Went into a field of science dominated by men.

3. Time you succeeded at something you didn't care about:
My PhD defense.

4. Time you failed at something that mattered to you:

5. Time you filled out a sectioned survey like this one:
A few weeks ago, maybe?

6. Person you complimented:
N.'s daycare teachers, for being AWESOME.

7. Time someone lied to you:
This morning, when Hubby said he would get out of bed, but fell back asleep.

8. Time you were someone's crying shoulder:
October 25th, when we left home to come back here.

9. Person you cooked for:

1. If you were to kill a man, horror movie style, which kitchen utensil would you use?

2. Did you ever swallow a coin?

3. What was the worst gift you've ever received?
A cheap porcelain clock shaped like two swans facing each other, that never worked, for our wedding.

4. What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?
Falling in the mud after chasing after a bully who was picking on my friend.

5. How many kids do you want?
Maybe 2 more?

6. Whats your mom’s middle name?

7. Have you ever operated a fire extinguisher?

8. Worst car you ever had to drive and why?
Anything American-made; they're so cramped and crappy.

9. who do you hate?

10. what do you hope to have accomplished by the end of this year?

11. do you have any reallllly crazy relatives?
Oh, yes.

12. Did you ever wake up under the influence of NyQuil, completely unable to move?
No, but Tylenol cold and sinus makes me hallucinate.

13. Are you feeling nostalgic right now?

14. Did you own a Lite-Brite?

15. Can you dive?
Not on purpose.

16. Do you own a mouthpiece for anything?

18. Have you ever used a pogo stick?

19. Who was the most creative bum you've ever met, trying to get some money from you?
A kid who had a sign that said, "Money for food", who flipped it over when college kids went by, and it said "Money for pot" on the back.

20. Whats your favorite Jelly Belly jelly bean flavor?
Toasted marshmallow.

21. favorite food you CRAVEEE?
Hmmm. Cake. In any form.

22. When was the last time you pulled lint out of your bellybutton?
I can't remember.

25. what is your favorite cologne/perfume you always wear?
Don't wear it; I'm allergic.

26. If you were on Double Dare, would you take the physical challenge?
Probably not.

27. What's the largest living organism that you killed?

28. Did you ever take a lighting bug and smear its guts on your arm so you get a cool glowing effect like war paint?

29. What's the best toy you've ever gotten in a McDonalds happy meal?
I don't think I've gotten one in about 25 years.

30. if you could be anywhere in the world doing anything right now what would it be?
Home in my parent's house, knitting and drinking coffee, chatting with my Mom while N. played on the floor with the cat.

31. Can you juggle?
Yes. A baby and a backpack and a lunchbag and mail and keys.

32. how do you feel right now?

33. Do you remember that square candy bar called "Chunky"?

34. Predict the length of the next Peter Jackson movie.
I totally don't care.

35. What was your favorite toy as a kid?
Construction paper, glue, scissors, and glitter.

36. are you willing to go the distance?

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