Friday, November 7, 2008

The Cardiganny goodness

Pattern: Debbie Bliss Classic Cardigan, published in Essential Baby (Ravel it!)
Started: Jan 29, 2008
Finished: Nov 6, 2008
Yarn: Patons "Look at Me!" in Good Sport Variegiated, almost 5 skeins
Needles: Bamboo circs, 12", size 5 and 6
Gauge: 6 st per inch (I think)
Modifications: I swapped sides for the buttonband & buttonhole band. I'd like to say I did it so it would have the buttons on the proper side for a little boy, but I did it because I wasn't paying attention.
New techniques I learned with this project: Knitting a sweater (!) (I count the BSJ as a sweater, but it's one piece, and in my mind it's easier), picking up buttonbands, finishing with mattress stitch.

More things I learned:
1. I really like knitting with multi-colored yarn. I'm afraid that even with such a small project as this, I'd get bored with one color.
2. I like picking up stitches and knitting button bands - it really gives me a feeling of accomplishment.
3. I don't like casting off in rib.
4. I don't like casting off, period (hurts my hands, I cast off too tightly), aside from the fact that it means I'm finished (or nearly finished).

There's no way this should take anyone 9 months to do, but I plead pregnancy, newborn, and Clapotis. The pattern is clearly written, easy to follow, and easy to knit. Once I picked it up again, most of the knitting was done during my lunchbreaks; I used to knit on the bus, but my schedule right now means I have to take a very crowded bus, and I get no elbow room.

Next, I have to decide what to do. I have a sweater to knit for Niece v1.0, but I also have mittens that have been sitting on the needles for almost 11 months. I really don't feel like knitting the mittens ;-)

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