Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Did I get lots of knitting done on my vacation?


Did I wear my Clapotis with pride?

Sure did.

Are there pictures?

Not on my camera :-(

But, here it is:

I think it measures somewhere around 78" long, and 24" wide. It's the perfect size for me, and is so cozy.

We had lots of outdoor photos during the wedding, and it was FREEZING. Eastern Canada in the fall - normally not a good time for outdoor wedding festivities (although for my wedding three years ago, it was November, and still 15ÂșC). The shawl came in quite handy, and although everyone else was wearing solid color lightweight pashminas (and one of the girls offered me an extra one), I opted to stick with my homemade, yet terribly trendy, Clap.

I didn't manage to do a lot of knitting during the trip, even though I wanted to, but it was wonderful nonetheless. The baby got along wonderfully with everyone, and we had our first relaxing trip in years.

And, when we got back, we did groceries, and found these babies, which make life that much more worth living:

God, I love the Christmas season!

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