Monday, September 22, 2008

Knitting again!

(Pics soon, promise)

I've managed, through no small feat, to get the straight rows on my clap finished (19 repeats in total), and I'm three of 9 repeats into the decrease section (since I did extra increases, I need extra decreases!). I'm thinking that I just might be able to get this thing done in time for the wedding, for two reasons:

One - decrease rows go faster than straight rows. Duh. That's simple math, but it took me forever to realize that six repeats of the decrease section will take about half the time of six repeats of straight rows.

Two - on our drive to the wedding, which will be about 16 hours, my dad will be coming along, and sharing the driving. So, theoretically, one third of the time (approx 5 hours, 12 minutes), I will be neither driving nor entertaining the baby. Woo-hoo!

I'd love for it to be done before that drive, so I can use the time for things like baby and toddler sweaters, but we'll see. We're also going away to a departmental retreat this weekend, where Hubby will be schmoozing and listening to talks and poster presentations, but I'll be hanging out, watching the baby, and playing tourist in the small little New England town where it's being held. PLUS - someone else is doing all the cooking and all the dishes. SWEET.

ETA: I meant 19 repeats of the straight section, not 10 like I originally posted... because that would make a short and stubby wrap indeed.

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