Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is it sad that...

... when I went to get coffee today, and saw that they had hazelnut, vanilla, and cinnamon on in the self-serve carafes, that I mixed all three together gleefully in an extra-large cup?


I've started the Debbie Bliss Classic Cardigan (Ravelry link), but no pictures yet. In order to get the right st/inch, I think my row gauge is going to be off, but hopefully by measuring carefully it won't be too far out of proportion. I brought it with me to work today and knit while Hubby was finishing up his lunch. It's amazing - I've been here for months and months, and have never been approached by the other people that work in the department, until today when a very sweet, quiet Chinese lady came up to me to ask me what I was making ;-) Hubby calls it the new universal language of knitting!

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